'At Portico we aim to stand out from the crowd'
We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and we are always striving to improve the way our industry - and our company - operates.

We’re really proud of the comprehensive range of services we offer, and it’s lovely that people are recognising and rewarding our efforts.

We’re proud to say that we’ve won quite a few awards under our previous name, and we're delighted to have just won two national awards under our new name, Portico.
SILVER – Large Lettings Agency 2018
"Portico's bespoke system helps them to efficiently manage their tenants and landlords. The variety of packages helps landlords to pick one that is right for their needs."
BRONZE – London Agency of the Year 2018
BEST - Letting Agent in the National Landlord Awards 2018
"There were strong contenders for this award yet Portico presented a clear way in which they operate their lettings side of the business and showed how their new service, Portico Host, an Airbnb Management service, now not only helps their current landlords to avoid void periods and maximise yields but also is a way to capture a new style of landlord."
GOLD - London Agency of the Year 2017
“Excellent submission, exceptionally well thought out, covering each section of their market.”
SILVER - Best London Estate Agent 2017
"Though stiff competition this year Portico proved how they're at the top of their industry. Their excellent delivery of service saw them claim the silver award."
SILVER - Large Lettings Agency of the Year 2017
"Portico have executed a successful transition from an agency of 11 to one of 18 offices. The presentation of their unique packages and local marketing has been reflected in their increased size and is now also represented through the style of their newly refurbished offices."
WINNER - London Estate Agency Marketing 2017
"This was the first time Portico had entered the UK Property awards and it is great for them to come away successful. The submission had a central focus on the creativity each contender used. The request was that the entry be submitted in an A3 box, this allowed Portico to show us their brilliant use of marketing materials and creative artwork for materials used across the board and their services. The bespoke designs help Portico to stand out and got them their winning title."
GOLD - Large Lettings Agency of the Year 2016
“In 2016 Portico grew from 11 to 18 offices putting them in the Large Lettings category for the first time. Their approach through their packages, knowledge and communication is what has set them apart as their focus is not only on landlords but also ensuring the tenant has exciting benefits. A differentiated service to meet the varying needs of landlords; particularly their concierge and maintenance services. They certainly stand out from the crowd.”
GOLD - Best Marketing - Lettings Agency of the Year 2016
“Portico absolutely deserves to win the gold in what the judges felt was a highly competitive category with some fantastic contenders. Its submission was based on the success of its “Portico Places” loyalty card offering which gives clients discounts at local businesses and now has over 5,000 users. From the outset, the directors were very clear about what they wanted to achieve with this campaign and knew exactly what the desired results were. It was one of several campaigns which launched following a big rebranding exercise and its key aim was to create a brand more in-line with retailers than traditional agency. The insightful, local, consultative and approachable brand aims of the agent are well represented by the campaign in the honest local business reviews. The interaction between the agent and the local community is completely different to that of any other agent and the number of potential clients in the local area who are involved in the scheme and interacting with the Portico brand on a daily basis is impressive. Portico appears to have executed an extensive campaign very well and the benefits are ongoing.”

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GOLD - Best Marketing - Lettings Agency of the Year 2015
"Portico’s campaign was simple; to align three separate brands under one name. This was an orderly and thorough campaign that was well researched and carefully executed. Brand values, strategy and concept were all decided at the outset and the name, design and proposition soon followed. Over 1000 points of information were gathered through a variety of sources from staff interviews to landlord surveys and team brainstorming sessions. Through the research they identified their brand values which informed every element of the brand. Alongside the rebrand, they also saw an opportunity to further develop the services and reposition these as unique packages: Essential, Comprehensive and Concierge. New creative was commissioned and rolled out across all branches, collateral and online, and they have a fleet of newly branded cars. The campaign was measured internally and externally. Internally, a representative from every branch participated in the entire process, and the entire staff was surveyed following a launch event. Externally they conducted bespoke surveys to understand brand awareness, measured market share and assessed customer engagement.".”

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SILVER - Best 1000+ Property Management - Lettings Agency of the Year 2015
"Portico offers two property management services: Comprehensive and Concierge. The Comprehensive package is the entry level property management package whereas the Concierge service is the flagship product which includes a dedicated Property Concierge, a free ‘10 Point’ maintenance service between tenancies and free accountancy services to assist with tax returns. The Property Concierges have a minimum of five years’ experience as a property manager, and are typically promoted from within. They directly manage the in-house tradesmen and are individually responsible for their own profit and loss accounts. The bespoke IT system monitors compliance deadlines, and actively tracks, prioritises and allocates reported issues to the property management team. They are then resolved within a strict time limit based on urgency. They have run an extensive consultation exercise with staff to drive significant cultural and structural changes following a huge rebrand which has resulted in improvements in retention, reward and return."

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SILVER - Best Medium London Lettings Agency 2014
Now in its fifth year as a dedicated competition, these awards have become widely recognised as the most prestigious and difficult to win. With more entrants than ever before, nearly 6,000 offices were represented this year, but only the very best of the best were crowned as winners. The judges awarded Portico with Silver London Lettings Medium Agency 2014, impressed by the way Portico invests time to fully understand tenants lifestyle and requirements along with their dedication to customer service. They were also inspired by Portico’s flexible fee structure which is offered to landlords together with the Landlord Investors Club and workshops which attract over 200 attendees.
GOLD - Employer of the Year 2013
A culture of rewarding success across the whole company, Portico shows complete commitment to the training of their staff which is clearly marked by the variety of courses made available to their employees. All staff are actively encouraged and supported to achieve a professional qualification. Portico's comprehensive staff review formula has resulted in continuous improvement to the services they provide to their clients. Their employees are well rewarded for their hard work and commitment to the company through monthly, quarterly and yearly team events, only recently returning from a trip to Nice. A company you would want to work for!
GOLD - Best UK Medium Independent Lettings Agency 2013 (6 - 15 Branches)
Following their earlier success at the Sunday Times awards Portico did it again and were awarded the Gold for Medium Independent Lettings Agency of the Year. The agency has continued to build on its strengths which have resulted in the 10 Gold awards that they have received in the past couple of years. Their unique property management team, all ARLA qualified, is heightened by the in-house services of a property maintenance team, gas safety engineer and inventory clerk. The exceptional back office systems was developed and is maintained in-house and therefore able to react swiftly to new technology which cements Portico’s strong believe that constant improvement is the key to sustain the remarkable success they already enjoy.
GOLD - Best Training & Development Lettings Agency 2013
There is staff training then there is Portico staff training. The directors take the matter so seriously that they employ actors to come in and engage in role play, adding an extra frisson of reality to training scenarios. It was the first time that any of the judges had heard of this approach to keeping its employees at the top of their game. The judges were also taken aback when it was revealed the Portico staff actually enjoy being mystery shopped. Staff/client telephone calls are recorded every quarter and played back to the team with a professional coach on hand to talk through how the conversation could have been improved. Every single Portico employee works towards a professional qualification and the teams are kept motivated by a bonus scheme that is more rewarding and rounded than a pure commission structure. The impressive six-month reviews see a number of development objectives set and each member of staff is graded per area. If they reach the pass mark - typically 80-90% - there is a financial bonus. Staff loyalty is earned by offering profit share after three years of service, monthly team events, and even an annual trip overseas for the whole company. A deserved gold award for a company going above and beyond in a category of high standard submissions.
GOLD - Best Medium London Lettings Agency 2013
Portico has been on an upward trajectory for seven years and it is still rising. Rather than lose sight and implode internally, the business has handled its success really well and harnessed what has worked to propel itself further forward in 2013.Portico is a lettings-only operation and its sole focus shines through. To illustrate this, users of the website are immediately prompted to identify themselves as either a landlord or tenant in order to 'optimise' their journey through the website. Having been established in 1818 the judges were glad to see Portico moving with the technological times. The panel noted the immense pride attached to the bespoke software system developed in-house. On further questing the agent had been approached to licence the product for use by other agents but the response of 'it's far too good to give it to anyone else' spoke volumes. A My Portico online login for landlords, a culture of making clients feel they're part of an exclusive Portico property club, and a clear property marketing campaign that uses professional photography are just a few of the markers that distinguish this agent.
GOLD - Best Lettings Property Management 2013 (1001+)
When an Portico property inspection document lands on your doormat, you know that no stone has been left unturned. The report, in the shape of a full colour illustrated brochure, makes recommendations and details any improvements that need to be actioned. It is this attention to detail that marks out Portico as winners in this category. Of particular note to the judges was the agent’s in-house property management system which prioritises and allocates issues to the property management team based on their current workload, with a minimum 14-day resolution target for low priority issues and 48 hours for high priority issues. Another area where Portico excels is in adding value to properties. Refurbishment programmes are skilfully presented to landlords and on implementation they result in higher yields and rentability. As well as a superior level of property management, landlords also benefit from a educational seminar programme, which attracts high profile speakers and typically 200 landlords. And if there ever was a blueprint for a tenant screening process, it is the one followed by Portico. A dedicated paralegal team go into minute detail and prepare a 'forensic file' that advises the negotiator whether to proceed with proposing a tenant to a landlord. We are rationing our use of 'going the extra mile' this year but Portico really deserve that tag.
GOLD - Best UK Medium Lettings Agency 2013
Portico has succeeded at something so many others hope for - to achieve success and then sustain it. At last year's awards Portico was crowned the Best Property Management Agency and won Bronze in the Best Training & Development category. In the 12 months since those accolades the agency has improved immensely because it wants to deliver an even better service to its clients. This year's coveted gold award in the Best UK Medium category is a happy by-product of its efforts and dedication to lettings. The Portico approach to business and progression was described by the judges as 'mind blowing'. Every facet of its operation is considered, well-delivered and meticulously monitored. Through its keen eye it has brought a number of services in-house, employing an inventory clerk, a gas safety engineer and a property maintenance team. This agent is one of only a handful where 100% of the property management team is ARLA qualified - a statistic that shows Portico means business.
GOLD - Best Property Management Agency 2012
Portico is the well-deserved winner of this award category because of its ability to inject passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail to every aspect of its property management service.

Operating in a very competitive section of the London market, the team offers a phenomenal property management service and has total confidence in everything it's doing, from running seminars at the Institute of Directors for landlord clients to marketing outside of property management, proving that this is a firm that pushes the boundaries with everything it does.

From its graduate training programme to its handyman maintenance service, this is a firm that truly understands the needs of its client base and how to service these.

Its tight control of maintenance service levels through its bespoke IT system gives this business the cutting edge in property management, and demonstrates the strengths of a specialist service business, which is why it's the clear front-runner for this year's UK property manager of the year crown.
GOLD - Best Property Management Agency 2012
(501 - 1000 properties)
This London firm really stood out for the judges, who described it as a really great, systems-driven business. Judges praised Portico's far-reaching efforts in providing a first class property management service, including its graduate training programme, which is now in its fifth year, its handyman maintenance service and its commitment to reducing landlord clients' costs. The agency's bespoke software, used to monitor key performance indicators of property management staff, has increased customer service ratings by 20%. Portico also uses bespoke landlord tracking of property management issues through its websites, which has helped to reduce queries and improve communication. The agency has also introduced a moving coordinator to help manage tenant moves.
SILVER - Best Medium London Lettings Agency 2011
This is an agency which continues to wow year on year. The past 12 months has seen the team increase revenue by 37%, launch a seminar series and write a book for landlords. Training is the norm with this company; they have courses for everyone from journalism to overcoming objections and these are well received by employees . Staff are given a bonus of £500 when they pass their ARLA exams and a recently introduced graduate scheme is over subscribed. Excellent back office systems take care of the rent collections including text alerts for landlords when rent is paid and the staff, landlords and tenants can monitor maintenance issues online plus maintenance is managed in-house ensuring greater control and speedier response times. Landlords like the fact that commission fees are taken monthly rather than upfront, a policy which also has the added benefit of aiding cash flow. Portico is a thriving agency with a positive culture.
GOLD - Best Training & Development 2011
Leading from the top, the MD of Portico takes a hands on approach to training and is keen to innovate in order that the training programme excites the team and benefits the business. All staff have personal development plans backed up by quarterly individual coaching, a budget for external training and six monthly director-led reviews, which can lead to a bonus for good results. The entire team are also offered sponsorship should they wish to study for professional qualifications outside those they are required to undertake for their job. Further touches include external consultants and professional actors used for mystery shopping exercises and the fact that the Graduate Entry Scheme is 100 times oversubscribed speaks for itself. There is also a culture of reward and recognition via incentives and team outings and a published book sets them apart as experts in their field. With revenue and profit up 37% on last year this approach works and the judges were extremely impressed.
GOLD - Medium Lettings Agency 2010
Since opening their doors as a lettings agent nearly 200 years ago, the expertise of Portico cannot be disputed. Bronze winners last year, their entry and interview so impressed the panel this year that we are thrilled to give them a well deserved gold award. Their business ethos is fully integrated between the staff, landlords and tenants ensuring excellent communication and strong relationships. They believe strongly in continuous improvement and all staff are taking qualifications including the admin team who are training to become licensed paralegals. They keep as many of their services as possible in-house, including maintenance and photography to give them optimum control over quality standards. An ability to marry traditional standards with heavy investment in new technology has enabled them to increase revenue by over 25% and recently open a new office. Portico sets a fantastic example of how to run an efficient and aspirational lettings business. Truly impressive.
BRONZE - Medium Lettings 2009
As a business that has been established for nearly 200 years, one would expect the knowledge and expertise of Portico to be second to none and they don’t disappoint. Their culture of continuous improvement with a high individual training budget has resulted in a ten fold revenue growth over the past three years and a 90% recommendation rate for landlord referrals. Heavy investment in technology has improved systems and processes – to summarise, this is a slick operation with unique ideas and a solid foundation aimed at improving efficiency and customer experience. Inspirational.
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