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Rent Collection Service: How Does It Work?
7 Aug 20

What is rent collection?

As a landlord, collecting rent from tenants is an important part of renting out property. A rent collection service involves collecting and chasing rent from tenants. A rent collection agency or online letting agents provide t...

Landlords: How to take property photos
31 Jul 20

Good photographs will help you market your rental property. By adding them to your rental listing, you can give prospective tenants a preview of the property, which might encourage them to arrange a viewing. And, they act as a visual reminder to pros...

How To Price A Rental Property
28 Jul 20

If you’re a landlord and you’ve got a property going on the market soon, the good news is that UK rental income in June was on the rise — up 1.1 percent on average compared with equivalent figures for June 2019. And, to add to the sense of expectatio...

How To Advertise On Rightmove Privately Without An Estate Agent
25 Jun 20
During Covid-19, smart technology has thrived in the property market. Virtual property tours and viewings, along with the ability to sign agreements electronically, kept the market moving during the lockdown. Property enquiries still remained strong ...

A Guide To Doing Your Own Viewings For Landlords
24 Jun 20
If you’ve moved home in the past, you’ll be familiar with what happens when prospective buyers visit your home. You get the casual visitors and the serious prospects. Eventually someone makes an offer. When the process is complete, the new owners tak...

Tenancy agreements: everything you need to know
23 Jun 20

What’s in the tenancy agreement?

The tenancy agreement is one of number of important documents associated with a tenancy.

It documents the key information about the tenancy: the names of the tenant and landlord, the address of the property, the rental ...

New Online Letting Service for Private Landlords: Portico Direct
22 Jun 20
We are excited to announce that we have gone digital and launched Portico Direct: a range of low cost online lettings services for private landlords who don’t want to use a traditional letting agent. The coronavirus pandemic has been a time to consol...

Landlord Checklist: Paperwork & Documents
22 Jun 20

If you’re about to rent out the first property you bought as a buy-to-let investment, make sure you’re aware of all your legal obligations as a landlord, particularly the documents you must provide to your tenants. Forget any notion that you can just...

Best online estate agents
17 Jun 20

Online estate agencies like OpenRent and Purplebricks barely existed a decade ago, but their popularity has increased hugely in the past few years, to the extent that they now have up to 10 percent of the market share of properties in the UK and ther...

Property Deposits: everything you need to know
10 Jun 20

Where is my deposit held?

If the landlord has asked us to collect the deposit, we will register it with MyDeposits, and send it by bank transfer before the tenancy begins. It is then held within their designated client bank account until the end of th...

Everything you need to know about holding deposits
1 Jun 20

What is a holding deposit?

The holding deposit is paid as soon as the tenant has agreed the offer, and it shows that the landlord that the tenant is serious about rent the property.

The holding deposit is equal to one week’s rent, and landlords aren’t ...

What kind of references do landlords ask for?
25 May 20

What is referencing for?

Landlords typically ask for references from their tenants to make sure they can afford the property and will look after it properly.

We recommend that all landlords carry out a set of financial and background checks, which they...

Renting from a Private Landlord: Everything You Need To Know
12 May 20

In the decade between 2007 and 2017, the number of households renting property in the UK leapt from 2.8 million to 4.5 million. With this many people living in homes they don’t own themselves, it’s vital that tenants understand what to expect when re...

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