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How To Check Your Property Valuation Online

February 7, 2021

If you’re thinking of putting your property on the market, for sale or for rental, or if you’re just thinking of investing in property, it’s essential to get an accurate valuation. Traditionally, that meant looking in estate agents’ windows or asking a surveyor or an estate agent to arrange a visit and provide a report – eventually. But now it is easy to check your property valuation online - here’s how.

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A property valuation in 60 seconds

If you are wondering “How much is my house worth?” or “How much rent should I be charging?”, you’ve come to the right place.

By entering a few details into an online application like our online property valuation tool or online rent calculator, you can receive an accurate valuation by email in just 60 seconds! This is all you need to do.

Start by entering your postcode, then tell us whether the property valuation is for sales, lettings or short lets. Then add the number of bedrooms and let us know if the property is average size or smaller or larger than average.

Finally, we need your opinion of the property’s condition – how does it compare with other properties in the area. Is it about the same, does it need a bit of work, or does it really sparkle?

That’s all it takes to find out how much your house is worth. Then give us your contact details and a sale or rental valuation will be in your email inbox in 60 seconds. It’s that simple.

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An accurate assessment

Naturally, some clients ask us “how accurate is the valuation?” We’re pretty confident in the results because we use a sophisticated algorithm, together with comprehensive up-to-date data on local market conditions, values of recent transactions in the area, average prices in the area and other relevant factors.

We also draw on the local knowledge of our 19 offices across London and we check our data against the latest available Land Registry figures. On that basis, we believe you will find the valuations accurate.

Of course, if the property has unique features or characteristics, such as an extra large garden, very large rooms or outstanding views, the online valuation may not be able to take account of that. In that case, get in contact with us and one of our Sales or Lettings Managers can pop over and give you a more accurate property valuation or make the necessary adjustments to the online property valuation.

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Room for improvement?

If you’re happy that the property valuation indicates the price you were hoping for, you can go ahead and put it on the market or finalise your investment plans. But, if you feel that the property is likely to earn less than similar properties in your area, you may want to consider home improvements that would increase sales value or rental income.

Comparing valuations and specifications will give you a basis for action. In that sense, the online valuation tools help many of our clients to plan their next stop and maximise the value of their property.

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Timing your decision

If you’re not planning to sell your property or put your property up for rent immediately, and are just checking on its current value, it pays to look at upcoming developments in your area that could affect values in the future. For example, are there new or improved transport links under development, or a supply of larger properties that could attract people looking for a property that’s more suitable for working from home? By studying reports on property trends in your area, you may decide to either move quickly or delay investing or putting your property on the market.

Our property valuation tools are updated regularly, so you can always be confident of getting an up-to-date figure when you are ready to move into the market.

Use the Portico online property valuation tool

Why not go ahead now and find out how much your property is worth? You’ll know 60 seconds after submitting your information.

If you decide to go ahead and put your property on the market, we can help you with a wide range of services that will help attract more buyers or tenants and get the best possible price or rental value. To find out how we can help, please get in touch.

We already know how much your rental property is worth. Type your postcode to find out and get an online valuation within 60 seconds.

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