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What is the difference between Freehold, leasehold, commonhold?
3 Oct 22

When buying or selling a home, a key piece of information you need to know is how the property is legally owned, as this can influence your control and costs over the home.

There are two main ways properties are owned in England and Wales.

Freehold and...

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New smoke and carbon monoxide alarm rules for landlords now in force
3 Oct 22

The Government has introduced new regulations on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the social rented sector, and new regulations on carbon monoxide alarms in the private rented sector.

The regulations apply both to houses and flats and also to HMOs....

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The Landlord Guide to a Legionella Risk Assessment
12 Sep 22

Legionella or Legionnaires’ Disease is a type of bacteria that can lead to serious health problems. It is caused by problems in water systems that allow the bacteria to thrive and spread to residents through spray, mist or vapour.

Although Legionella...

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4 ways to let safely to tenants with pets
7 Sep 22

It’s estimated that 59% of households already have a pet in the UK. Most have dogs, while cat ownership comes in at a close second. In contrast, according to Battersea Dogs Home, the number of households occupied by private renters has doubled in siz...

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Portico landlords to benefit from AO partnership
6 Sep 22

We’re excited to announce that we have teamed up with AO, so our landlords can access a wider range of products with better availability than ever before.

Founded in 2000, AO supplies over 10 million customers with electricals and kitchen appliances t...

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Is it better to let a furnished or unfurnished property?
31 Aug 22

Deciding whether to let a property fully furnished or unfurnished is a decision landlords should base not only on their personal circumstances but on the demand from tenants, to ensure minimal void periods.

There is no right or wrong answer and the ty...

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Average Age of Tenant Flat-Sharing in London Tops 30 For the First Time
31 Aug 22

The average age of renters opting to live in shared property is going up, and is currently higher than ever.

According to recent data released by London accommodation supplier, Built Asset Management, the average age of renters living in shared accomm...

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How have rents performed vs forecasts in 2022 so far?
24 Aug 22

The Government’s Index of Private Housing Rental Prices, produced by the Office of National Statistics, showed that rents in many areas were static to falling from 2020 and through most of 2021.

Their figures show that in the 12 months to December 202...

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A guide on how to create and let HMOs
12 Aug 22

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are becoming increasingly popular for property investors. According to Zoopla, the average gross yield is 5.2%, but when renting rooms individually as opposed to letting the whole property as a single unit, you ca...

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Your most-asked landlord questions on tax and insurance answered
9 Aug 22

Insurance and tax aren’t the most exciting topics, but they are two of the most important to understand. These are some of the top questions we get asked by landlords.

Do I need landlord insurance?

Insurers consider a tenanted property to be higher ris...

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London Lettings Market Update
19 Jul 22

Figures for the second quarter of 2022 are in, and the results are as expected: the London lettings market is red hot, quite possibly the most competitive market on record. At the same time, mortgage rates continue to track at low rates, property sup...

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Selling A Property With Tenants: What You Need To Know
18 Jul 22

Can you sell a house with tenants in it? It is certainly possible to sell your property with current tenants in situ; the real question is whether or not it is preferable to do so. There are certainly upsides, but it can also complicate matters; ulti...

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Are people still moving out of cities or are they moving back?
12 Jul 22

Throughout the pandemic, there were many reports of both homeowners and renters moving out of cities to smaller towns and villages, to take advantage of the extra space and easy access to countryside that comes with more rural locations.

A year ago, a...

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What properties and regions are delivering the best rental yields? (2022 update)
12 Jul 22

Property prices have done well in most parts of the UK over the last couple of years, with some areas seeing double-digit percentage rises. That’s great news for landlords, especially since the media in 2020 was flooded with predictions that lockdown...

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Renters Reform Bill and the changes on the way for the rental sector
17 Jun 22

The Government have finally published the Renters’ Reform white paper. The initial proposals have shifted from five main changes to a 12 point plan.

The Government has stated in the white paper there are some key objectives they would like to achieve ...

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How to increase rent - the right way
8 Jun 22

If you haven’t increased your tenant’s rent recently, it might be worth considering. Some landlords choose not to increase their rents for existing tenants, even if they stay for some years. Oddly, this can actually cause problems for both the tenant...

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Top tips for how to handle a vacant property
10 May 22

There can be times when a rental property is vacant. Whether this is short term between tenancies, or longer term such as planned renovations that are easier without a tenant in situ, the downside is that when a property is vacant it becomes a lot mo...

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Landlord tax updates for 2022 and 2023
10 May 22

Over the last decade or so, landlords have got very used to the Government announcing tax changes each year. Due to the general increase in rents, landlords are still seeing their investments perform well and thankfully the last two budget announceme...

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Is buy-to-let still a good investment in 2022?
10 May 22

For many years, buy-to-let was widely seen as a great (and pretty easy) way to make money, while providing a much-needed roof over tenants’ heads.

However, the Government have made it clear they want to reduce the number of people renting, in favour o...

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The Biggest Landlord Fines Given Out This Year (And How To Avoid Them)
25 Apr 22

Over the last 15 years, there’s been a huge increase in the amount of legislation landlords have to comply with in order to let and manage a property legally. And with that, the number and level of different penalties that can be imposed on those who...

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Maximising your profit as a landlord
3 Apr 22

If you’re a buy-to-let investor, then maximising profits is already likely to be high on your priority list. But even if you’re an accidental landlord or view your rental property as a long-term investment that you plan to cash in way ahead in the fu...

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Essential Financial Reviews For Landlords
1 Apr 22

Whether you are a prolific investor or an accidental landlord, it is essential to understand the financials and protect your property profits. This includes monitoring your key costs on an ongoing basis.

Here are 5 financial reviews you should carry o...

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Maximising your profits as a landlord
24 Mar 22

If you’re a buy-to-let investor, then maximising profits is already likely to be high on your priority list. But even if you’re an accidental landlord or view your rental property as a long-term investment that you plan to cash in way ahead in the fu...

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5 things tenants are looking for in a rental property
24 Mar 22

The rental market continues to grow and landlords are in high demand across the UK, with agents registering huge numbers of tenants seeking homes at their branches.

Despite being fantastic news for most professional landlords, tenants hoping to stay a...

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What does the Spring Budget 2022 mean for the property market?
24 Mar 22

Things were looking good in Autumn 2021. The economy was recovering faster than expected, and wages were rising faster than inflation. The fear of high levels of unemployment following the end of furlough were less of a threat than expected, being re...

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Green mortgages: Improve your energy rating and save money
24 Mar 22

Since April 2018, landlords have been legally obliged to have a minimum EPC rating of ‘E’ in order to legally let a property or renew a tenancy – which was extended to existing tenancies in April 2020. Current proposals are for that to rise to a mini...

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Right to Rent : Latest updates for landlords
20 Mar 22

As all landlords in England will know, ‘Right to Rent’ checks must be made on a prospective tenant – and any other person occupying the property, e.g. a carer or family member - to ensure they have a legal right to be in the UK.

Pre-pandemic, it was m...

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Best Rental Yields in London Q1
15 Mar 22

With rents in the capital hitting a record high in January and the number of available rentals dropping year-on-year by a staggering 71 percent, it's safe to say that the rentals in London are a hot commodity. In London, the average rent now stands a...

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The Impact Of The Government's 'Levelling Up' Announcement On The Property Market
11 Feb 22

The Levelling Up white paper has been billed as a plan that will 'transform the UK by spreading opportunity and prosperity to all parts of it'. So, what exactly is the plan and how will it impact buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords?

Essentially, th...

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10 Rental Market Trends To Be Aware Of From The New English Housing Survey
10 Feb 22

Every year, the Government publishes the latest information from its continuous research into the nation's housing. The English Housing Survey covers any changes in tenure, the condition of properties and their energy efficiency, and it offers a real...

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What's The Latest On The Renters' Reform Bill?
7 Feb 22

Reform of the private rented sector in England has been on the cards for a number of years now. 2022 is set to be the year the Government finally publishes its long-awaited Rental Reform White Paper - the 'precursor' to the formal Renters' Reform Bil...

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Landlords' Self-assessment Tax Returns: Advice
6 Jan 22

As we progress into the new year, the end of the financial year looms along with our tax obligations. If you have income from a rental property, you’re liable to pay self-assessment income tax - and by 31st January 2022 you need to have filed your an...

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Investing In London Property in 2022: A Guide
8 Dec 21

London may have suffered the wrath of the pandemic, but now that life is returning to 'normal,' our capital is recovering well.

Business, leisure, and entertainment operations are all reopening their doors, and, despite the mass exodus that occurred ...

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Where To Buy In London In 2022
2 Dec 21

As the end of the year draws near, investors and landlords begin to seriously consider what the next twelve months may have in store, and where the next property hotspots may be found.

Since the pandemic, the property market has been in full recovery ...

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Best Rental Yields In London Quarter 4
13 Oct 21

The London rental market has seen a year of transition as demand grew and supply fell. According to recent data, the number of rental properties available in London fell by 58 percent between August 2020 and August 2021. In the same period, there was...

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Care for Your Home this Autumn
5 Oct 21

As the coldest months are ahead of us, it is now more important than ever to be proactive in maintaining your property to avoid extra costs during autumn and winter. From water damage to freezing pipes, colder months present a whole host of potential...

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A Guide To Capital Gains Tax Implications For Landlords 2021
9 Sep 21

If you own property for rental and you decide to sell, you will be liable for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) as well as personal income tax. CGT is payable on the profit you make when you sell the property, so it’s important to understand how to calculate y...

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A Complete Guide To Private Residence Relief
9 Sep 21

When you dispose of any house (all or part thereof), or even part of a garden attached to your property, you would normally be required to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any gain made as a result of the sale. However, pursuant to certain eligibility ...

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The Benefits of Using a Property Manager for Landlords
16 Aug 21

The rental market is booming, with many landlords considering getting in on the action. Whether you are a first-time landlord with no experience, or a go-it-alone landlord who has had enough of dealing with hassles like weekend maintenance calls, eng...

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Top Tips To Make Your Rental Property Stand Out
6 Aug 21

Renting out any property is extremely competitive, particularly in large cities such as London where there are often hundreds of properties on the rental market in just one area at the same time. It is also important to find the best tenant who you c...

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London Rental Market Boom: What Your Property Could Earn & Legislative Changes
15 Jul 21

Due to the Stamp Duty deadline, there has been so much attention on the booming sales market of late. But, recent data reveals there has also been a rental market boom. The rental market has recorded a solid month, with rents rising and voids (period...

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Transferring Ownership of Property from Parent to Child: How to get CGT and IHT Relief
1 Jul 21

Passing property to loved ones can be tricky, especially if you own multiple properties or buy-to-let properties. By taking the appropriate steps and planning for the future, you can not only mitigate your capital gains tax (CGT) but inheritance tax ...

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Best Rental Yields In London Quarter 2
2 Jun 21

The vaccine roll-out has finally ushered in the lifting of many lockdowns and restrictions, and with that comes the promise of improved economic conditions. This should have a positive impact on the property market, giving investors a better outlook ...

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Landlord Compliance Complete Checklist
26 May 21

Landlord responsibilities go beyond simply keeping the property in good condition; there are also specific regulations that must be followed. Should you be out of compliance, you will face either hefty fines or a loss of your landlord’s rights. That ...

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HMO Meaning and 2021 Guide
13 May 21

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are a very common type of rental property throughout the UK. HMOs can be a great investment vehicle to achieve high ROIs, but landlords with HMOs do have some additional legal responsibilities to fulfil in order t...

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Landlord Allowable Expenses 2021
6 May 21

As a professional landlord, you aim to run your business at a profit. That means maximising rental income and minimising your expenses. But, when it comes to filing your tax return, you need to turn that thinking on its head and maximise the expenses...

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The Trends Influencing Rental Yields In The Current Market
16 Apr 21

The residential sector of the market has recovered remarkably well from Covid, although the rental market is currently somewhat divided. Generally speaking, demand is still strong and rental growth still positive and increasing in outer London. Withi...

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Tenants Returning To Central London Locations
1 Apr 21

It has been estimated by the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE) that approximately 700,000 people fled the capital in 2020 and early 2021, as the industries that employed them shut down as a result of the pandemic. Many returned to thei...

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EWS1 - Updated Cladding Guidance
24 Mar 21

Thousands upon thousands of flat owners are currently unable to sell due to an ongoing cladding scandal. However this issue could finally be resolved for some, thanks to a long-anticipated update to the guidelines.

New cladding guidance issued by the ...

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Best Rental Yields in London Quarter 1
25 Feb 21

2020 was a difficult year for landlords, but the Government’s recent announcement of the road out of lockdown signals the promise of improved economic conditions. That should have a positive impact on the property market and a better outlook for inve...

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NRLA & Portico Webinar 2020
25 Nov 20

Yes, that's right, we are back! Sadly not coming to you from the Institute of Directors, where we would normally expect to see you all fill the beautiful rooms. But, the show must go on and for 2020 that means in the form of a webinar.

After the NLA ...

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Best Rental Yields In London For November
20 Nov 20

As the year draws to a close, we consult our Yield Map to explore the best areas to invest in property in London right now. The map auto-updates with the latest property sold prices and, offering really strong rental yields, these four areas are just...

Landlord Advice
Avoiding Voids: How Landlords Can Utilise The Growing Airbnb Market In Chigwell And Woodford
5 Nov 20

With Christmas fast approaching, people traditionally think of the winter holiday season. It’s different this year of course with a 4-week national lockdown currently in place. But, assuming the restrictions are lifted at the beginning of December, p...

Landlord Advice
Tenant Eviction Ban Extended By 4 Weeks - What This Means For Landlords And Tenants
1 Sep 20

When the Coronavirus lockdown began in March, the government introduced a ban on evicting tenants for an initial period of three months. The ban was intended to protect tenants who had suffered income loss as a result of the pandemic. This initiative...

Landlord Advice
Capital Gains Tax On Second Home Changes
6 Aug 20

How will a CGT overhaul affect Landlords and the housing market?

If you own an investment property, you're very probably aware that the Chancellor just asked the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) to take a look at how Capital Gains Tax (CGT) current...

Landlord Advice
Rent a Room Scheme: How It Works and Tax Rules
4 Jun 20
Renting out a room in your flat has its advantages. On the social side, having someone there to hang out with, cook with and share experiences with can help counteract feelings of isolation and make your daily life more enjoyable. On the financial si...

Landlord Advice
Covid-19 Changes To Lettings Legislation
22 May 20

The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown has upended rules and regulations in every aspect of our lives - and letting legislation is no exception. The government has made several temporary changes to the laws and guidance that govern the priv...

Landlord Advice
Who Is Responsible for Decorating Rented Property?
18 May 20

When you rent out a property or live in one, you deal with certain requirements.

The law establishes the main responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. However, questions about decoration, change of the general look of the place, or repair star...

Landlord Advice
How Smart Tech Can Help Landlords
27 Apr 20

Technology has revolutionised how we live our lives. From home computers to smart appliances, most homes have multiple tech devices. They save us money, time, reduce energy usage, and make modern life a whole lot easier than it was 50 years ago. Smar...

Landlord Advice
Budget 2020: What it Means For Landlords and The Property Market
12 Mar 20

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, who was appointed only a month ago, delivered the first Budget in over a year on 11th March.

While the coronavirus was the primary theme, with the Chancellor vowing to pump billions into the economy to com...

Landlord Advice
Survey Reveals Top Concerns Among UK Landlords
5 Mar 20

With Brexit now taking a back seat, private rental prices are rising, and demand is expected to continue to grow as the economy strengthens. Reports are predicting a rise of 10% in rental prices by 2024, with house prices forecast to rise by an avera...

Landlord Advice
Turning a House into Flats
24 Feb 20

Converting houses into flats is becoming increasingly popular. There’s a high demand for flats in London, and splitting a property into units can maximise both rental income in the short-term, and profit on sale in the long-term.

But where do you star...

Landlord Advice
Renting Out a Property for the First Time: Everything You Need to Know
18 Feb 20
Thinking about letting a flat or house? Despite tougher tax and legislative changes, demand for short and long term rentals is continuing to increase and has more than doubled since 2001.  While the prospect of maximising your property investment is ...

Landlord Advice
How Is Rental Yield Calculated?
10 Feb 20

Rental yield is one of the most important areas to consider when looking to buy a property and let it out. This calculation helps landlords determine if a property is a good investment. No matter whether you’re a new landlord, an accidental landlord ...

Landlord Advice
15 Things Buy-to-Let Landlords Need To Know For 2020
15 Jan 20

There’s some important things landlords should be aware going into 2020, from rent and rental yield forecasts to mortgage rates, licensing and landlord legislation. And while 2020 may still be a challenging one for landlords in some respects, many ar...

Landlord Advice
JMW Solicitors
5 Dec 19

JMW Solicitors are a full-service law firm providing legal services and advice for both businesses and individuals. For more than 40 years, they have been fighting to achieve a positive outcome for their clients and train their staff on the importan...

Landlord Advice
Policy and Regulatory Round-up For Landlords 2019-2020
2 Dec 19

We recently held a landlord seminar, where Meera Chindooroy of the NLA gave an insightful overview of the kind of policies that landlords across Britain can anticipate seeing in the coming months, and years, potentially. Here’s what she had to say.


Landlord Advice
Just Landlords - Specialist Landlord Insurance for UK Landlords
27 Nov 19

Before Just Landlords began in 2009, they were aware that many of the landlord insurance products available were not including a number of covers as standard without additional costs. In response to this, they decided that it was time for a change in...

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Portico NLA London Landlord Seminar 2019
20 Nov 19

The most talked about London Landlord Seminar is back on the 20th November 2019!

This year we are back with Richard Blanco, NLA London Representative, and we will be discussing 'Your Money'. Landlords are the only business to be taxed on their turnove...

Landlord Advice
Investment Opportunities in Liverpool
13 Nov 19

Property prices have been relatively stagnant in London for the last couple of years, however, this doesn't mean that property is no longer a safe bet when it comes to investing your money, it just means it is time to start thinking outside of the Lo...

Landlord Advice
Investment Property Tips 2019-2020:
11 Nov 19

Despite a volatile market and tough tax changes, investing in property is still a good bet. The value of your property is likely to increase in the long term, while in the ‘short-term’ you can achieve a healthy monthly income - provided you invest in...

Landlord Advice
Best Rental Yield Areas This October In London
22 Oct 19

As we prepare for the clocks to change this weekend and the days to become shorter, we take a look at our Yield Map once more to see some areas that may be of interest for you.  

We have picked out four areas offering strong rental yields, these areas...

Landlord Advice
Best Rental Yield Areas This September In London
18 Sep 19
As we prepare for the last official weekend of summer, it feels as if the season is hanging in there and going to give those based in London one final high. Unlike the seasons, we've taken a look at the areas on our yield map that have been showing c...

Landlord Advice
Furnished or Unfurnished? Strategies for Presenting Rental Properties
5 Sep 19

It’s one of the most common questions we hear from landlords: “Should I present my rental property furnished or unfurnished?” As it turns out, there’s no single answer. So, what to do when you’re letting your property and you’d like to attract reliab...

Landlord Advice
Best Rental Yield Areas This August In London
21 Aug 19

As we gear ourselves up for the bank holiday and impending heatwave for the last week of August. We've consulted our Yield Map again this month to give you the most up-to-date rental yield data in London. Whether you're looking to invest in the North...

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Landlords: Should You Incorporate or Form an LLC? 2019 Updates
14 Aug 19

Incorporation, or the act of forming a new corporation has become quite a trend for landlords, and for a very good reason. But is it right for you?

Here we’ll look at how many UK landlords are now buying property under company name, explain both the ...

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Best Yields for Short-Term Lets are found in Liverpool
13 Aug 19

According to our research, Airbnb hosts and landlords of short term let properties in Fairfield, Liverpool are achieving the best yields in the North West’s largest cities of Liverpool and Manchester.

Airbnb hosts in Fairfield can expect to achieve a ...

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Renovation Property for Sale
7 Aug 19

Are you looking for a property with potential? Or a renovation property for sale?

Property renovation is hugely popular in Britain. Thousands of homebuyers are searching for ‘fixer upper’ properties, so that their money stretches as far as possible an...

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Portico Portfolio
29 Jul 19

Landlords, investors, we have some exciting news for you! We have just launched a new service, Portico Portfolio. This service will allow landlords to invest smartly in high yield properties in a tax-efficient company structure.

We'll use our letting...

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Best Rental Yield Areas This July In London
19 Jul 19

As we near the end of the month and some extra sizzling temperatures hit the capital once again we turn out attention to the yield map and take a look at the areas to invest. We select new areas from North, South, East and West each month but you can...

Landlord Advice
Airbnb Mortgage Rules: What You Need to Know
11 Jul 19

Ever since the introduction of Airbnb, the short-term rental market has exploded. Over the last year, a staggering 11.1 million people in the UK have used Airbnb to travel to other parts of the UK, or abroad, generating £3.5 billion in economic activ...

Landlord Advice
Top Five Things to Know About Airbnb
4 Jul 19

Wimbledon has started and finally the sun is shining which sparks the influx of international and domestic visitors to London. If you’re going away for the summer or suddenly have a property vacant, this is the peak period to get those Airbnb guests...

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Best Rental Yield Areas This June In London
28 Jun 19

We have taken a look at our yield map to see the hot spots for investment in London from June. 

As with every month, we have picked out four areas of interest, but you can also check out the map for yourself here. 


Camden Town 3.7%

Camden Lock host...

Landlord Advice
Spotlight: Woodford
26 Jun 19

With Epping Forest a stones’ throw away, ample green space, and tonnes of character, Woodford offers a quiet respite from the busyness of central London – yet for commuters, it’s a short 10 miles back into the heart of the city. Great schools are one...

Landlord Advice
The Booming Liverpool Airbnb Market: Statistics and Predictions
18 Jun 19

The short-term rental market is booming in Britain, with an estimated 67,312 active rental properties in the capital alone, available to visitors via sites like Airbnb. And interestingly, it’s not just those with a spare room who are cashing in...


Landlord Advice
The Complete Guide For Buy-To-Let Landlords
4 Jun 19

Landlords have had to deal with a barrage of changes over the last few years, and, unfortunately, 2019 is no different.

As of the new tax year, (6th April 2019), landlords’ tax bills have changed, mortgage interest tax relief is being phased down, and...

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Tax and Theresa
24 May 19

We're now a month or so into the new tax year and we thought a quick update on the latest tax rules affecting landlords might be handy.  We also ask the question, following the big news today about the exit of Theresa May, of whether there could be a...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London For May
9 May 19

We've taken to our yield map to bring you a sample of what is available to you out there! Looking in four different directions in London we present our top yields for May. Whether you're looking for a house or a flat to invest in, we have plenty of l...

Landlord Advice
Maximising your Rental Profits
25 Apr 19

The potential for income in lettings is well documented. But in a crowd of advertisements on Rightmove and Airbnb, what does it take to maximise your income? Maximising your rental return hinges on attracting the right tenants, whether you’re searchi...

Landlord Advice
Section 21 Changes
18 Apr 19

Earlier this week, the government announced new plans to stop landlords evicting tenants at short notice without a concrete evidence reason already specified in law. These changes relate to Section 21 of the Housing Act, where landlords were allowed ...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London For April
16 Apr 19

As we are well into the swing of things with April it is time to consult our yield map and look at where the top places to purchase property in London are. This month sees areas in the North and South coming out on top but there are always pockets to...

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Invest in Brexit with Short and Long-Term Lets
10 Apr 19

There’s no hiding from the fact that Brexit is having an impact on Britain’s economy and consumer confidence. With things unlikely to change until a deal with the EU is agreed and approved in Parliament we've taken a look at how this is affecting pro...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London For March
22 Mar 19

As we are well into the first week of spring we once again turn our attention to our yield map where we have done the work for you on a few of the hotspots throughout London! Read on to see where we've pick out this month. 


Stamford Hill 4%


Landlord Advice
The Landlord Investment Show 2019
13 Mar 19

Join us on the 21st of March for the 63rd National Landlord Investment Show. The show will once again be held in Olympia with over 100 stands in Olympia, 40 seminars to attend and what's more the tickets are free, you just need to register your inter...

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Join Us At the Short Stay Show
6 Mar 19

Don't miss out on your chance to attend the first year of the Short Stay Show at the ExCel, London. Read on to find out why you should attend and how you can get your hands on free tickets to the show!

Who Attends?

The show will bring together owne...

Landlord Advice
The Conversions that Add Value to Your Home
27 Feb 19

Home conversions are a sure way to add value while improving your property. However, all home conversions aren’t created equal. We’ve compiled the conversions that we believe will add the most value to your home below.

Loft Conversion

A loft conversio...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London This February
20 Feb 19

While rumours of the return of Beast from the East are firmly put to rest as we bask in the gloriously sunny and spring-like February we are enjoying at the moment, we turn our attention to our yield map, where we have taken a look at the top perform...

Landlord Advice
Tips for Letting a Property During the Brexit Uncertainty
14 Feb 19

In order to let your property successfully, strategy is key. Whether you manage the property through an agent or by yourself, here are our best tips for letting your property during Brexit.

Target First-Time Buyers

According to the Financial Reporter ...

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Invest in the North West
3 Feb 19

Four million people in the UK now live in the private rented sector. This figure looks set to increase as more people choose to rent rather than buy, attracted by the flexibility it offers them. The demand for rental accommodation and a lack of good ...

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Portico Host Teams Up With Airbnb
30 Jan 19

We have recently joined just three other professional co-hosts in the UK to bring Airbnb services to the UK. We are the first mainstream lettings business in the UK to be appointed to the programme where properties will be available on the Airbnb web...

Landlord Advice
Portico Launches in Manchester and Liverpool
30 Jan 19

Building on the success of our London business, we are pleased to announce we will be launching in Liverpool and Manchester from the 5th February 2019, next week!

Having successfully run Portico Host in London for two years we have decided now it is ...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London This January
24 Jan 19

It's officially 2019 and time to refer to our yield map for the first time this year! Rather than you spending hours yourself looking out for the best areas for buy-to-let we've picked out our top four performing areas for you this month. Alternative...

Landlord Advice
January Market Update
23 Jan 19

It’s only January, and 2019 has already been a busy year for the property market.

For buyers, the market has slowed slightly. In London, property prices have gone down 1.7% in the first month of the year, and reports show that 55% of first time buyer...

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Let Your Home Via Airbnb Whilst It Is On The Market
4 Jan 19

Everyone wants to sell their property quickly and easily, but this isn’t always a possibility. In London, it takes an average of eight weeks to find a buyer. Between finding the right buyers and waiting for the property to complete, many sellers end ...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London This December
18 Dec 18

As many of us find ourselves in our last few days of work before breaking up for Christmas, we turn to consult our Yield Map to see what areas are looking the best to invest in right now in London. Read on to see what is going on in these four areas ...

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Where To Buy In London In 2019
12 Dec 18

London remains a great place to invest in property, whether you’re a buy-to-let landlord or a homebuyer. We’ve scoped out the city’s hidden gems and the best suggestions for where to buy in the Capital in 2019.

Forest Gate

Current average property pri...

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Regulation Changes: A Need to Know Guide for Landlords
6 Dec 18

2018 saw a year of changes for the lettings market. These changes came in the form of new legislation, and affect all parts of the letting process, from the property itself to the way that the home is taxed. From a boost to personal allowances to EPC...

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10 Years of Landlord Insurance from Just Landlords
30 Nov 18

This year marks the 10th anniversary of landlord insurance company Just Landlords. In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, the team have been reflecting on the journey of the company so far. Here are a few highlights of Just Landlords’ proudes...

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Round Up Of NLA & Portico London Landlord Seminar
30 Nov 18

Landlords from Battersea to Bethnal Green met on Wednesday 21st November at the Annual London Landlord Seminar, in association with National Landlord Association (NLA) and Portico, to discuss the state of the lettings market.

In a presentation that co...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London This November
12 Nov 18

As the year draws towards a close, we once again consult our Yield Map to explore the best areas to invest in property in London right now. The map auto updates with the latest property sold prices and, offering really strong rental yields, these fou...

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Top 10 Challenges Facing London Landlords
2 Nov 18

Having been a busy couple of years for landlords, our property expert Richard Blanco from the NLA is on hand to help understand what landlords can do to mitigate arising issues. See Richard in person at the NLA & Portico Landlord Seminar on 21st Nov ...

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Autumn Budget: The 5 Property Changes You Need To Know
1 Nov 18

In the latest Budget, Philip Hammond unveiled a quite extensive plan of expenditure for the government, pointing funds in the direction of the NHS, policing and defences, education, high street revival and general maintenance up and down the country.

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Spotlight: Leyton
23 Oct 18

East London has become more and more popular in the past five years, offering lower property prices but great transport links and more and more local amenities. With Walthamstow the first area to grow in popularity, Forest Gate and now Leyton are hot...

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What does the delay in Crossrail mean for property prices along it?
10 Oct 18

Beginning construction in 2009, the Elizabeth Line was due to open at the end of 2018. Last month the government announced a delay of 9 months on the project, meaning the earliest we’ll see the new stations open will be Autumn 2019. 

But what does thi...

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Where to buy property in London Zone 2
8 Oct 18

If you're trying to decide where to buy property in London in an area that offers a good commute distance but reasonable house prices and more of a community atmosphere, look no further. We've scoured Zone 2 to pick out the best spots based on their ...

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10 great properties for sale under 500,000
1 Oct 18

Thinking of buying a property in London? With 17 offices around the city, we've gone on a hunt for a variety of properties - all under £500,000. There are some fantastic emerging hotspots to check out and plenty of reasonably priced properties so exp...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London This October
13 Sep 18

With Autumn in sight, the house market moves into one of its busiest times once more. Our Yield Map auto updates with the latest property sold prices and is showing some strong trends in places. Offering really strong rental yields, these four areas ...

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Where to buy in London based on upcoming transport developments
10 Sep 18

Choose your next property purchase tactically by buying in locations due for transport developments in the coming years. We’ve done the research for you and pulled out the best areas to invest now. Whether you’re looking to buy property for price gro...

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10 places to buy in London near Outstanding primary schools
3 Sep 18

September is here again, and with term time beginning, we’ve been keeping school in mind by looking at which areas are home to the best schools in London. These top 10 areas are home to the most Outstanding schools, as deemed by official body Ofsted....

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London This September
29 Aug 18

Now that it’s September, the kids are back at school, everyone is back from their holidays and it’s time to get back into work life before we get to Christmas. This month at Portico we have used our Yield Map to find you some very prominent rental yi...

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Spotlight: Forest Gate
13 Aug 18

Over the past few years, Forest Gate has proven it’s a fantastic area to invest in property, with the knowledge that Crossrail is opening here, amenities and eateries appearing at a rapid rate and close proximity to Central London. With all of these ...

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What Do The Interest Rate Changes Mean For You
7 Aug 18

Last week the Bank of England changed their base mortgage rate from 0.5% to 0.75%. Having changed at the end of last year, the adjustment comes in the wake of a stronger economic climate in the country and is predicted to not be the last change in co...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London This August
31 Jul 18

As we've moved into the height of summer, the rental yield map has shown some definite hotspots around London if you're looking for the best places to invest in property. We've taken a look at the map and picked out a variety of areas which stand out...

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5 best areas to Airbnb your home in London
25 Jul 18

Putting your property on Airbnb is something you might not have considered before, but may be a fantastic option for utilising your empty property and earning you a little extra cash at the same time. Whether you’re a landlord who usually long-term l...

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Last chance to earn on Airbnb this summer!
25 Jul 18

If you’re considering putting your home on Airbnb this summer, find out how Portico Host could help you - and for a limited time only, you could qualify to use our Special Summer Offer, valid until 31st August.

Why is now the best time to sign up?


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5 tips for Accidental Landlords
14 Jul 18

Becoming a landlord isn't always planned, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared! Have a look at our five top tips and some advice from the experts, to make sure you're in the know before you take the plunge to become a landlord.

1. Have you cons...

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Top commuter areas in London to invest
11 Jul 18

If you’re looking for a property investment in London, why not explore the most popular commuter spots, as these are areas most often sought out by renters. We’ve searched high and low to bring you the top 10 areas which are under 30 minutes commute ...

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Why Use Portico Host Over Competitors?
26 Jun 18

There are many reasons your property could be sitting empty – whether you travel for work often, it’s currently for sale while you're living elsewhere or you’re a landlord between long-term tenants - or you could even just be going on holiday.

Short l...

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Best Rental Yield Areas In London This July
21 Jun 18

It’s slowly moving towards summer and there’s been a lot of movement on our auto-updating Yield Map, showing us the latest rental yield prices around London based on real-time sold house prices. Read on to explore areas our map has deemed a good area...

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Are you aware of the HMO Changes for Landlords coming into effect in October?
20 Jun 18

HMOs have been a hot topic for a while now, with their rules changing last in April 2017 to bring in tighter legislation in certain boroughs. With the new rules changing in just a matter of weeks, make sure you know all the details and have done the ...

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Spotlight: Islington
11 Jun 18

When looking for an area to invest in London, there’s several areas that have been growing and reinventing themselves lately at rapid speeds. One such area is Islington, North London.

Within easy proximity to Central London, Islington is a great pros...

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Best rental yield areas in London this June
6 Jun 18

If you’re looking to invest in property this spring, you need to be aware of the latest data. Last month we pulled out Regent’s Park, Mile End, Denmark Hill and West Kensington in our May spotlight blog as areas to invest and this month we’ve saved y...

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Where to buy along the Crossrail
30 May 18

It seems like forever since the £2.3 billion investment to improve the existing railway through London began but it’s finally almost time to unveil the Crossrail.

The line, which runs over 188km through London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex wil...

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Is it time to move to East London?
23 May 18

If you’re trying to decide which area of London you should buy a property, maybe it’s time to look east. Whether you’re climbing onto the property ladder for the first time, you’re looking to move for those extra couple of bedrooms or you’re looking ...

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Best rental yield areas in London this May
8 May 18

It’s time to bring you your May yields fix! We’ve studied the data, priced up the options and we bring to you the best investment hotspots this month, on each side of London. Whatever type of property you’re looking to invest in, we have plenty of lo...

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Things to remember when moving home
2 May 18

Moving can be a crazily busy time. There’s loads of things to remember when you’re moving home to minimise disruption and make sure you’re up and running in your new home as soon as possible. So if you’re moving to or around London, here’s 10 handy t...

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Spotlight: Shepherds Bush
24 Apr 18

It’s time to visit the west side and one up-and-coming area that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Shepherd’s Bush, the original home of the BBC, is a well-known area of West London. After the BBC moved, it was feared the area may become forgotten b...

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Best rental yield areas in London this April
10 Apr 18

It’s quickly moved into April so it’s time to consult our Yield Map once again to work out where the best places are around London to purchase a property this month, by expected yield. East London is still the strongest prospect, with both cheaper pr...

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Buy-To-Let Guide for 2018
4 Apr 18

There’s been several changes in the Buy-to-Let space in the last year, so it’s time we pulled it all together and brought you up to speed. We’ve done the research and spoken to the experts, so read on to find out everything you need to know about bei...

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Best Rental Yields: By London Tube Map
28 Mar 18

Looking to buy to let in London? If you're not sure where to look, check out our handy Yield Map by Tube Station. Get the bigger picture by comparing the whole city by yield before you decide which is the best area for you. The top areas you should b...

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Spotlight: Walthamstow
20 Mar 18

Walthamstow is fast becoming one of London’s most popular areas to live.

There’s so much going on here right now, with investment due to being 2019’s London Borough of Culture and new businesses moving in to cater for the growth in popularity. Just 20...

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5 quick ways to add value to your property
13 Mar 18

Whether you're a landlord in-between tenancies or a homeowner looking to give your property a little facelift before you sell, there's many little things you can do to quickly add value to your home in this period. Use our Instant Valuation tool to s...

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8 areas to buy in London in 2018
13 Mar 18

Looking to buy property in London in 2018? We've spoken to our local property experts in our offices to find you the up and coming areas of London. Whether you know what side of London you'd like to be on or you're open to persuasion, we've done our ...

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Best rental yield areas in London this March
6 Mar 18

This month, once again, we've consulted our Yield Map to share with you the most up-to-date rental yield data in London. Whichever side of London you're looking to invest in properties to rent, make sure you know what return you'll be getting for you...

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Spotlight: Is it time to invest in Ilford?
26 Feb 18

Right now, east is the place to be. And specifically, Ilford.

The town has it all. Sat in the borough of Redbridge, Ilford is the next town out after Stratford. Following in Stratford's footsteps, Ilford looks to be the next town to get a facelift in ...

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5 great investment opportunities on Portico
21 Feb 18

Looking for your next investment opportunity? Whether you're looking for the perfect property to short-let, an area of regeneration or a do-er upper, we've got a variety of quirky and wonderful properties on offer.

Explore our 5 top picks or head to ...

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90% of landlords would use Airbnb for short-lets
13 Feb 18

In a recent survey we conducted, 90% of landlords said they would use Airbnb to short-let their property. This growing trend has seen landlords increasingly use both Airbnb for short-lets and estate agents for long-term tenants collectively, to avoid...

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Best rental yield areas in London right now
7 Feb 18

If you're looking to rent out or if you're already renting out your property in London, it's always good to keep an eye on which areas are offering the best yields. But don't worry about spending hours on the internet to find the latest stats, we hav...

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10 Tips For New Landlords
31 Jan 18

Letting out a property can feel like a daunting task. What rules and regulations apply to you? What duties do you have to tenants? Who can you turn to for information and support? If you haven’t yet bought your buy-to-let (BTL) property, where are th...

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Tenant Protection Bill
24 Jan 18

Rented accommodation unfit for human habitation is being targeted in a new Bill designed to improve housing standards and boost tenants’ rights.

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill passed its second readi...

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Landlords - is it time to consider Airbnb for short-lets?
22 Jan 18

There's been a lot of press recently about the changes to Airbnb short-let rules in London, as the option has become more popular with landlords. With Airbnb short-lets offering a great accompaniment to long-term tenants, landlords can now balance th...

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Tax Return Deadline
18 Jan 18

Tax doesn’t have to be taxing, according to HMRC. But for those facing the looming self-assessment deadline on January 31, it may not feel like that.

Tax returns can seem particularly daunting for landlords. Understanding what you are required to pay...

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Where To Buy In London 2018
29 Dec 17

Despite Brexit gloom and doom, multi-billion pound regeneration plans and transport upgrades are creating new property hotspots across the capital.

So if you’re planning on buying or investing in London in 2018, here are the areas to consider:

1. T...

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London Property Market Review And 2018 Forecast
21 Dec 17

Theresa May gambled on a ‘snap’ election, Brexit negotiations have remained a top concern, and we saw the first interest rate rise in 10 years – 2017 has certainly been an eventful year for the property market. 

But despite economic and political unc...

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Do I Need Planning Permission For My HMO?
13 Dec 17

If managed efficiently and fully occupied, HMO properties can be extremely lucrative investments. But they’re also subject to lots of regulation and changing legislation, and the rules surrounding planning permission can be confusing.

Here, planni...

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Lending Changes For Landlords
30 Nov 17

We recently put on a sell-out investment seminar, where a host of industry experts gathered to share their insight on some hot property topics.

One of the first experts to speak was Carla Sateriale, Senior Policy Advisor for UK Finance. Carla and ...

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How To Speed Up The Conveyancing Process
29 Nov 17

Mary Monson Solicitors is a firm specialising in conveyancing for investors. They are a family firm that have been around since 1979 and they have an office on Fleet Street serving their London clients.

They’re proud to be rated by the independent...

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What The Budget Means For The Property Market
23 Nov 17

Phillip Hammond has unveiled the Government’s latest economic plan for our country, in what is being considered a bold pitch to millennials. 

From axing stamp duty to council tax premiums and Help to Buy, here are the key points that first-time bu...

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Introducing Just Landlords' 5 Star Service for Landlords
13 Nov 17

Most landlords understand the importance of protecting their rental properties –some may even have considered securing their rental income against potential rent arrears – but do you truly understand the cover you may need? Just Landlords would like ...

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Buy To Let Mortgage Compare
9 Nov 17

For the first time in more than 10 years, the Bank of England has raised interest rates.

What does this mean for buy-to-let? Can landlords mitigate the interest rate hike? Is now the time to remortgage?

We ask finance experts, Capricorn Financi...

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The Future Of The London Rental Market
2 Nov 17

There’s no escaping the fact that the private rental sector has suffered some major blows in recent times.

Landlords have been hit with a barrage of tax changes and new legislation, and it’s now more important than ever that landlords know how to ...

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Autumn Interiors
26 Oct 17

Autumn is a time of wonderful interiors – everything suddenly gets more cosy and snug as the colder weather arrives. If you’ve added some autumnal tweaks to your property, there’s a new competition for you…

To celebrate autumn interiors, Landlord ...

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5 Things Buy-To-Let Landlords NEED To Know Going Into 2018
21 Sep 17

New regulations, tax changes and tighter lending rules are changing the buy-to-let market.  In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever that landlords are clued up on their obligations and seriously savvy about minimising overheads.


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Portico Lettings Packages
20 Sep 17

If you're considering renting out your property, the big question is whether to opt for a let-only or a managed service. Let-only looks like the cheaper option, but is it the smartest move?

What happens if…

  • The tenants don’t pay the rent, ...

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New Minimum Energy Efficiency Laws for Landlords
14 Sep 17

Landlords have just over six months to ensure their rental properties meet the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

Here we’ll explain how the new MEES will work in regards to EPC ratings, the impact the rules will have on landlords, an...

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New Buy-to-let Mortgage Rules
30 Aug 17

A raft of new buy-to-let mortgage rules are coming into effect at the end of September 2017. Here’s everything landlords need to know ahead of the latest buy-to-let crackdown:

What are the new buy-to-let mortgage rules?

The Bank of England, ...

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Top 10 Places For Buy-To-Let
19 Jul 17

London was recently ranked the second-best city in the world to invest in property, but which areas within the M25 offer the best rental returns?

We've used our Interactive Yield Map to uncover the current top 10 places for buy-to-let, and include...

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10 Ways To Cut Your Tax Bill
14 Jun 17

If you want to be a successful landlord, you’ve got to be tax efficient. We ask the experts, including seasoned landlord Richard Blanco, for 10 legitimate ways to reduce your bill.

1. Expense, expense, expense

The first step in making your pr...

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HMO Licensing for Landlords
11 Apr 17

New powers for Local Authorities were introduced last week (Thursday 6 April 2017), which allow councils to now issue a fine up to £30,000 for landlords who:

  • Do not have the appropriate licensing for their HMO property
  • Fail to comply with a h...

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Changes To Tax Relief For Landlords
4 Apr 17

As of today, the 6th April 2017, landlords will no longer be able to deduct all of their finance costs from their property income to arrive at their profits. Instead, they will receive a basic rate reduction from their income tax liability for their ...

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Airbnb FAQs
23 Mar 17

If you're tempted by the lucrative business of Airbnb, there are certain things to bear in mind.

Will your property be insured? What rules and regulations must you comply with? Is there a minimum time you can put your property up for rent? How doe...

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London Transport Improvements
22 Mar 17

If you’re planning on investing in London property, it pays to know about upcoming transport plans and improvements. As despite the fact that house price growth in London is likely to slow over the remainder of the year, London locations set to get a...

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Property as a vehicle for achieving wealth
15 Mar 17

The Budget has been set and the Chancellor will not be reversing the mortgage interest tax relief changes expected to come into effect next month, with many reacting to this by saying that the heady easy money days of buy-to-let property investment a...

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What does the Budget mean for property?
9 Mar 17

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, has delivered his first and last Spring Budget. Here’s our summary of the key points relevant to the property industry…

I’m a landlord - how am I affected?

Landlords across the country will be...

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The landlord's Guide to Incorporation
22 Feb 17

A large number of landlords will be considering forming a limited company to negate the tax hit coming into effect in April - but is it the best move?

We’ve asked London Accountants, Accounts & Legal, and seasoned landlord, Richard Blanco, for some wo...

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Best Mortgage Deals on the Market
26 Jan 17

Lenders have slashed mortgages to record lows, making it a great time to grab a deal and get on the housing ladder or invest in buy-to-let.

To help you discover the right deal for you, we’ve asked mortgage experts, Capricorn Financial for their ad...

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2017 London Housing Market Outlook
10 Jan 17

What will 2017 hold for the London housing market?

We put some key questions to our resident property guru, Mark Lawrinson, plus reveal our key predictions and potential property hotspots that buyers, sellers and investors should be aware of this ...

Landlord Advice
Landlord Property Finance 101
29 Dec 16

Most landlords will know about standard buy-to-let mortgages, but you might not be aware of the other types of finance that can help grow or enhance a portfolio.

Karl Griggs, Director of CPC Finance, shares his property finance 101…

Buy-to-let ...

Landlord Advice
Will Buy-To-Let Bust in 2017?
15 Dec 16

Our latest data shows that sale transaction levels across London have fallen dramatically. Mark Lawrinson discusses what this means for rental yields - plus gives his tips on investing in this market.

The London borough heat map

Let’s begin by ...

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Regulatory Round-Up 2016
14 Dec 16

Are you up to date with industry regulations and legislations?

Seasoned landlord and NLA representative, Richard Blanco, recently gave a useful regulatory round-up of new legislation, including tax and mortgage changes - here's what we took away f...

Landlord Advice
Setting the Scene: After Brexit
14 Dec 16

What impact has Brexit had on the private rental sector?

Richard Blanco, London Representative for the NLA, recently discussed the panorama landlords and investors are facing now the UK has decided to leave the European Union - here's what we took...

Landlord Advice
The Big Property Debate: Adapting Your Investment Strategy in 2017
8 Dec 16

How should landlords and investors reappraise their strategy in the light of Brexit and tax changes?

Richard Bowser, Editor of Property Investor News, Nicole Bremner a Commercial and Residential Developer from East Eight Group, Simon Allen from Se...

Landlord Advice
Interview With Pest Control Experts, Inoculand
7 Dec 16

Daniel Neves, a.k.a. “The Terminator”, is a vocational biologist and founder of Inoculand Ltd - a London-based pest control company with a dynamic approach to pests. We sat down to chat pests, property and proofing...

So, why did you decide to sta...

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Autumn Statement 2016: What It Means For The Property Market
24 Nov 16

Philip Hammond has delivered his first Autumn Statement as Chancellor. From Right to Buy schemes to the banishing of tenant fees, here are the key points relevant to landlords, tenants and the property industry:

Making housing more affordable


Landlord Advice
Catch Up On Our Latest listings!
16 Nov 16

Catch up on our latest listings! From sky scraper apartments and mock-Tudor mansions, to cottages with character  – properties don't get much better than these!

Give us a call 0207 099 4000 to arrange a viewing, check out all of our properties for...

Landlord Advice
Optimise Your Property Investment in 2017
9 Nov 16

The EU referendum result has raised a myriad of questions for the private rented sector. What will happen to house prices, how is government policy going to shift and where is the economy heading?

The NLA & Portico Landlord Seminar on the 22nd Nov...

Landlord Advice
What Will The Autumn Statement Mean For The Property Market?
3 Nov 16

On the 23rd November, Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, will deliver his first Autumn Statement. This year’s Statement is a big deal, as it will reveal the state of the UK economy after the Brexit vote, and the reforms that will help suppo...

Landlord Advice
The 10 Best Places For Buy-To-Let In London
20 Oct 16

In a recent poll by Simply Business, over 70% of buy-to-let investors said rental yield is more important than capital gains when making property purchase decisions.

With that in mind, we decided to use our Interactive Yield Map to find the 10 Lon...

Landlord Advice
Ask The Experts: Property Legal Matters
6 Oct 16

How do you divide the family home during divorce? What costs do you face if you want to give your home or your rental property to your children? How can you reduce the capital gains tax on an inherited house?

We put some key legal property questio...

Landlord Advice
Market Update For London Landlords
22 Sep 16

Changes to stamp duty rules, the shock Brexit vote, and looming tax changes - it’s been a bumpy few months for landlords to say the least.

Doom and gloom or future boom?

But while there’s still a degree of uncertainty in the market as we’re yet...

Landlord Advice
How To Be A Successful Landlord: Interview With Richard Blanco
15 Sep 16

Richard swapped a career in dancing to become a landlord, after buying his first property in Hackney in 1995. Since then, he has bought 11 more properties and made an extremely successful business from buy-to-let. How does he do it?

Read our inter...

Landlord Advice
Top 10 Places To Invest In London
31 Aug 16

Investing or buying to let has been the easy way to make money for decades.

And despite Brexit uncertainty and recent tax changes, London remains the property investment capital of the world, in terms of both rental yields and capital growth.


Landlord Advice
Post Brexit Rental Market Update
28 Jul 16

It will come as good news to landlords that Britain’s decision to leave the EU last month has not rocked the rental market, and rental prices have remained fairly stable from May to July.

Interestingly, prime central London has even been given a B...

Landlord Advice
London's Highest Yields: Top Buy-to-Let Postcodes & Investments
14 Jun 16

LendInvest’s latest Buy-to-Let Index has revealed that you’ll stand to profit most from buy-to-let in London than anywhere else in the UK.

Their data shows that east London offers the highest yielding postcodes in the UK, with 7.4%, closely follow...

Landlord Advice
Buy-to-let guide: Getting the best return on your investment
13 Jun 16

More people than ever before are choosing to invest in a buy-to-let property to fund their retirement, or as a form of investment.

If you’re considering buying a property to rent it out, here are our top tips on getting the best return on your inv...

Landlord Advice
Property interiors that tenants love
24 Apr 16

“How should I decorate and furnish my rental property to maximise my return on investment?”

We hear this question time and time again from our landlords, so we thought we’d commission a survey to find out the answer.

As part of this survey, we...

Landlord Advice
19 Apr 16

Great news for landlords, not so great news for tenants: rental prices are rising, rapidly.

Our latest Q1 Rental Report shows that the average rental price for a two-bed home in London already stands at a staggering £1,867 per month - but we predi...

Landlord Advice
This Week's Top Buy-To-Let Investments
19 Apr 16

We have some good news for landlords!

Our latest rental report has shown that rental prices are rising in most areas in the capital, and we predict that the average rental price for a two-bed home in London will top £2,000 by the late summer.


Landlord Advice
The Budget 2016 - and what it means for the property market
17 Mar 16

Yesterday George Osborne presented his “Budget for the next generation” - here’s a summary of how landlords, investors and property owners will be affected.

Stamp Duty

Osborne cracked down on the buy-to-let sector, stating that everyone who in...

Landlord Advice
Landlords: should you set up as a company to pay less tax?
2 Mar 16

Four in 10 landlords are either seriously considering forming a limited company or looking into the option in the coming months, according to latest research from the National Landlords Association (NLA).

This is to avoid the tax hit that will be ...

Landlord Advice
24 Feb 16

There’s been much talk of the war against buy-to-let landlords recently.

George Osborne opened the batting in the last Autumn statement by saying, “People buying a home to let should not be squeezing out families who can’t afford to buy a home”. A...

Landlord Advice
How the new second home tax rules will affect you
22 Feb 16

One in four homes in London are now bought to let.

It’s a staggering figure that indicates just how many people will be hit by the proposed second-home tax rules that come into effect in April.

But it's not just the 3% additional stamp duty tax...

Landlord Advice
Top Buy-to-Let Investments under 500,000
11 Feb 16

Looking for a relatively inexpensive buy-to-let investment? We’ve collated our top investment opportunities that are under £500,000, and worked out the rental yield* to help you choose the best investment.

If you’re interested in any of the proper...

Landlord Advice
Are you undercharging your tenants?
3 Feb 16

By undercharging your tenants, you’re effectively losing money each month, so here are our top tips to make sure you maximise the return on your rental investment.

Increase rent annually

Last year we saw rents steadily increase, and this year ...

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Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Landlords
2 Feb 16

Renting out a property can be a great way to make money - but it can be an expensive business if you get it wrong.

Here are our top 10 money saving tips that will help landlords boost their rental profits.

1. Mortgage upgrade

Mortgage paym...

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Portico Rent Guarantee
19 Jan 16

It’s every landlord’s biggest nightmare: a tenant who can’t, or refuses to pay rent.

We go to great lengths to make sure we only approve the best tenants, but unfortunately sometimes circumstances change and tenants fall into arrears of rent.


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Top Buy-To-Let Investment Opportunities 2016
18 Jan 16

We’ve put together a list of top investment opportunities and calculated the rental yield* to help you pick the best investment.

If you're not sure where to invest, try our street level Yield Map which shows you exactly where to find the best yiel...

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Where to find the best rental yields in London
6 Jan 16

If you want to be successful as a landlord, knowing where to find the best rental yields is crucial.

We have looked at the history of buy-to-let hotspots over the past few years, the current buy-to-let hotspots in London and an incredible amount o...

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Stay Fire Safe This Christmas!
8 Dec 15

All landlords have legal obligations with regards to fire safety. Working out which bits apply to you and which don’t can be confusing, however. So to make sure you don’t end up with a hefty fine or even persecution, we’ve compiled our top fire safet...

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NLA & Portico Seminar Presentation Slides
24 Nov 15

Didn’t manage to get a ticket for the much-talked about NLA & Portico Seminar 2015? Don’t fret - we’ve compiled the presentations given by each of the industry experts on the night, to bring you the content you’ve been asking for!

The seminar took...

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Top Buy-To-Let Investment Opportunities
29 Oct 15

With bank interest rates stubbornly low, the buy-to-let market is continuining to grow. Rental yields remain robust, rental demand is higher than ever, and there are more record-low mortgages rates available than ever before.

We've compiled a l...

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Who's renting in your area?
24 Sep 15

Success in the letting industry hinges largely on the ability to find good tenants. And while it may be obvious what makes a good tenant, most landlords will agree that it’s not as obvious where to find them!

We looked at the profiles of 300 tenan...

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Buy-to-let landlords: how to survive the mortgage tax relief changes
2 Sep 15

Huge numbers of buy-to-let landlords are set to potentially see their profits decrease after George Osborne announced plans to cut mortgage interest tax relief in the summer Budget.

What’s changed?

Under the current rules, landlords are allowed...

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The best London postcodes for buy-to-let yields
1 Sep 15

Rising rents, cheap mortgage deals, a stable house market and a volatile stock market mean buy-to-let is more attractive than ever – but where should you invest?

Location, location, location

Rental yields are a big deal for landlords. Yields f...

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Tenant's Top 5 Reasons for Rejecting a Property
30 Aug 15

Have you ever wondered why it sometimes takes more viewings than you'd think to let your property? We commissioned some research which identified 5 key deal breakers for tenants - in other words, the top five things that immediately put a tenant off ...

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Landlords: Are you ready for the new smoke & CO alarm legislation?
27 Aug 15

As you may already be aware, you will soon be required by law to install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your rental properties.

The new law will take effect from the 1st October 2015, and according to Housing Minister Brandon Lewis it...

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How To Boost Your Rental Income By 11 Percent Without Spending A Penny
1 Jul 15

The UK's rental market is remarkable for its stability. In a good year, it might go up by 3%, and in a bad year it might be flat.

So whilst rental price growth is modest at an annual level, the same is certainly not true for price movements within...

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Buy-To-Let Best Buys, by NLA London Representative, Richard Blanco
30 Jun 15

Whether you’re a first time landlord or adding to your existing portfolio, the chances are you will need a buy to let mortgage.  The latest NLA research tells us that 1 in 7 landlords increased their portfolios in the last 3 months with 69% using a b...

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Landlords: Are you paying too much tax?
26 Jun 15

Tax on rental income

As Albert Einstein once said, “the hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” This is especially true for tax on rental income for landlords. In fact, a huge majority of landlords aren’t taking advantage of t...

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Labour government: A nightmare for Landlords?
30 Apr 15

Over the past few weeks there has been an avalanche of policy announcements from both major political parties hoping to sway voters in the run up to next Thursday’s election.

The Labour Party has been particularly vocal about reform of the Private...

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