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Tenant's Top 5 Reasons for Rejecting a Property

August 30, 2015

Have you ever wondered why it sometimes takes more viewings than you'd think to let your property? We commissioned some research which identified 5 key deal breakers for tenants - in other words, the top five things that immediately put a tenant off a property. Avoid these key deal breakers, or invest some time and money now to fix them, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t achieve the maximum rent possible for your property and attract the best quality tenants. Watch our video above to find what they are!


  1. No shower - 34%

    The survey we carried out named a lack of shower as the most common reason for rejecting a property, with 34% of tenants saying they would simply look elsewhere if the property did not have a shower. So if your property only has a bath, it would be a worthwhile investment to install a properly plumbed in over over-the-bath option, or if space permits, a separate shower cubicle

  2. Lack of central heating - 22%

    There are a surprisingly large number of properties in London that do not have central heating, and it’s hugely off-putting for tenants.  22% of tenants said that they would reject a property without central heating (even if electric heaters have been fitted). Although installing it can mean a significant financial outlay at the start, without it, the property will be very difficult to rent for a good price

  3. No washing machine - 17%

    In London properties space is often limited, but you must make sure there are adequate appliances in the kitchen. Even if you intend to let your property unfurnished, most tenants will still expect white goods, and 17% of tenants said they would turn down a property that didn’t have a washing machine. As well as a washing machine, a good size fridge/freezer is also an essential appliance to include, particularly if you’re aiming at the employed sharer or family market

  4. Carpet in the bathroom - 14%

    A uniquely British institution found in homes across the country, but in rental property carpet in the bathroom is considered unhygienic and unsightly. 14% of tenants say this would be enough to put them off completely! Bathrooms are generally the smallest room in the house, so to replace carpets with tiles or hard-wearing vinyl, will, in most cases, be a good investment, lightening and brightening the space

  5. Lots of stairs - 5%

    If you’re looking to appeal to families, stairs can be a real problem, particularly if they’re leading up from the street and/or between the communal area and the front door.  It’s common for families to turn a property down purely on the basis of too many stairs, due to the difficulties of using a pram, etc.  So if you are purchasing a property in the catchment area of a good school and thus likely to appeal to families, this is definitely something you should bear in mind


At Portico, we know how important it is to secure the best quality tenants and the best possible price. That's why our Concierge lettings package includes access to a local Property Concierge: a dedicated property manager who is there to give you expert advice throughout the life of your property investment. They deal with tenants and lettings properties day in, day out, and they know exactly what tenants want from a rental property.

As well as helping to get tenants into the property as quickly as possible, your Property Concierge is also there to ensure the tenants are kept happy throughout the life of their tenancy. They directly manage a team of in-house tradesmen, so if there's a dripping tap that needs fixing, the tenants complain about the boiler playing up, or even if a lightbulb needs changing, your local PC can arrange for an in-house tradesmen to pop over and fix the issue immediately - ideal for landlords who aren’t based near their rental properties, and ideal for tenants who wants issues fixed in a flash.

If you want us to let your property, or if you want more information on what tenants want, give us a call on 020 7099 4000.


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