The low cost solution for private landlords who don't want to use a high street estate agent

Advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla for £1

You do the viewings

We'll do the paperwork

Check to see if you can get Portico Direct in your area

We know some landlords are on a budget. So we've found a way to get your tenancy advertised and set up for as little a £1. Really.

We'll advertise your property on Rightmove and Zoopla, and then send you the applicants' details directly.

Once you've uploaded your property, we'll check through the details and get it published on the portals (normally within a few hours). As applicants start to enquire, you can arrange to meet the ones that look suitable. We'll help you document the offer and then collect a holding deposit and do a credit check.

Once you're happy with the tenants, we'll help you sign the tenancy agreement digitally. Or you can use your own if you prefer a pen and paper.

We'll also help you register the deposit with a suitable government scheme and collect the rent if you would like. But you can do this yourself too.

And if you are worried about the risk of your tenant missing a rental payment, we can offer you cost effective rent guarantee insurance.

After you have advertised your property, there's absolutely no obligation to take any of our other services, unless of course you would like to.

And for tenants, renting from a private landlord can have some advantages too.