Advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla

And reach thousands of tenants within hours

One Pound

for 7 days


Rightmove is the UK’s largest portal with access to hundreds of thousands of tenants.

Rightmove is the most popular choice amongst estate agents with an estimated 99% of estate agents listing their properties here.

Unlike the other portals, Rightmove requires you to prove ownership, so please have this handy when you start the advertising process.

£1 for 7 days

Once you’ve uploaded your photos, we’ll get your property featured on the Portals within a few hours.

£1 buys you 7 days on all of these portals. That’s normally enough time to find your perfect tenant.

But if you need more time you can buy another 14 days for £19, and do this as many times as you need.

I found a tenant through Portico Direct in 7 days.

Sophie D, Liverpool

On The Market

On the market is the newest entrant to portal market. It prides itself on having the most up to date stock, and in some locations has overtaken Zoopla in terms of the number of applicants it provides.

Portico Website

Portico Direct properties are listed on our main website, alongside our full service properties that are listed by our London offices.

But rather than using our branch network to do the viewings, we’ll connect enquiries directly with private landlords, to organise viewings directly.


Zoopla has long battled Rightmove for the top spot. Like Rightmove, Zoopla lists properties nationally.

Alongside its sister website, Primelocation, it attracts 55 million homehunters per month.