Protect your income no matter what

Ten Pounds

per Month

Even the most conscious tenants can struggle to pay their rent when their circumstances change.

If a tenant misses their rental payments, we will get in touch with them and give them a number of ways to pay if you have asked us to collect the rent for you.

However, if they are still unable or unwilling to pay their rent, Rental Guarantee Insurance, means that you won’t suffer a loss of rental income.

To set up the rent guarantee cover, we need to have done the reference and credit check on them. Once we’ve approved them, you can set up the policy £10 per month (including IPT).

Our Rent Guarantee policy also includes Legal Expenses cover as standard, which means that in the worst case, the legal costs associated with evicting the tenant are covered. It will also cover you in the event that you need to evict the tenant for any other serious breaches of the tenancy agreement.

The rental guarantee itself covers up to 6 months’ worth of rental payment without an excess.

In will also cover 50% of the rent for any void period caused after the tenant has left the property, whilst it is being re-let.