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A guide on how to create and let HMOs
12 Aug 22

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are becoming increasingly popular for property investors. According to Zoopla, the average gross yield is 5.2%, but when renting rooms individually as opposed to letting the whole property as a single unit, you ca...

Vendor Advice
Is the housing market going to crash?
9 Aug 22

There have been lots of predictions over the last few months about the housing market ‘crashing’, ‘falling off a cliff’ and ‘bubbles bursting’, driven by media headlines of double-digit property price growth.

But just because house prices have risen r...

March Revealed As The Strongest Month To Sell

@PorticoProp brings you this beautifully presented 4 bed maisonette spread over 4 floors located in desirable locat…

Landlord Advice
Your most-asked landlord questions on tax and insurance answered
9 Aug 22

Insurance and tax aren’t the most exciting topics, but they are two of the most important to understand. These are some of the top questions we get asked by landlords.

Do I need landlord insurance?

Insurers consider a tenanted property to be higher ris...

Welcome onboard to @PorticoProp who will be exhibiting at our London show at Old Billingsgate on 5th July. Get free…

How to Let or Sell Your Home Quickly

Vendor Advice
August Bank Holiday: What to Do At Home This Weekend
8 Aug 22

The August Bank Holiday weekend is fast approaching, and while for many it signals adventuring to events and such, for many, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time at home.

Here are a range of great ideas to help you make the most of the Au...

What does the Spring Budget 2022 mean for the property market? Here’s our quick summary, highlighting some of the c…

Vendor Advice
How to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer
8 Aug 22

 If there’s one thing us Brits never talk about, it’s the weather. Ok, that’s in no way true. Still, with this summer’s sweltering temperatures reaching record-breaking heights, it’s only natural for it to be the talk of the country - as much as we l...

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What Are The Best Rental Yields in London So Far in 2022? We’ve run some in-depth analysis to bring you the best re…

Vendor Advice
New Builds London: What's On The Market?
31 Jul 22

Amidst the cacophony of low-inventory concerns, soaring property values, and the cost of living crisis, the London property market is surprisingly robust. The capital is waking up from its Covid slumber and welcoming city dwellers back in their drove...

For Rent with @PorticoProp is this 4 bed family house off St John’s Hill, within easy reach of Clapham Junction and…

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Vendor Advice
Making An Offer On A Probate Property UK
19 Jul 22

Probate properties often represent excellent value for money, but the process of buying one is a little unique. As a result, there can be some added risks and delays, and it can help to better understand the nature of probate sales to best handle the...

Landlord Advice
London Lettings Market Update
19 Jul 22

Figures for the second quarter of 2022 are in, and the results are as expected: the London lettings market is red hot, quite possibly the most competitive market on record. At the same time, mortgage rates continue to track at low rates, property sup...

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More Ticket Winners Announced!

Vendor Advice
6 ways to make your property more eco-friendly
19 Jul 22

The Government has signed up the UK to reduce carbon emissions by more than any other similarly developed country by 2050. This target will undoubtedly impact the property market, given that “around 22% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our home...

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Tenant Advice
What Checks Are Done For Renting A Property?
18 Jul 22

There are a variety of checks that a landlord or letting agent will work through when assessing your rental application. Some checks are legal requirements, while others may be conducted at the landlord's or agent's discretion, although most follow t...

Leading experts go head to head at Brexit Debate

Today's rental property is a 2-bed top floor flat in a period building between Lavender Hill and Clapham Common, ne…

Landlord Advice
Selling A Property With Tenants: What You Need To Know
18 Jul 22

Can you sell a house with tenants in it? It is certainly possible to sell your property with current tenants in situ; the real question is whether or not it is preferable to do so. There are certainly upsides, but it can also complicate matters; ulti...

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Vendor Advice
Crossrail News: Average Property Prices Along The Elizabeth Line
13 Jul 22

The Crossrail opening has finally come, and with it, buyer competition continues to surge around many stops along the line.

With interest rates on the up and the cost of living crisis not yet behind us, many Londonders are taking advantage of the new...

Landlord Advice
What properties and regions are delivering the best rental yields? (2022 update)
12 Jul 22

Property prices have done well in most parts of the UK over the last couple of years, with some areas seeing double-digit percentage rises. That’s great news for landlords, especially since the media in 2020 was flooded with predictions that lockdown...

Recent data analysis from @rightmove has revealed that March is the strongest month of the calendar year for selli…

Having Trouble Selling Your Home? This could be why...

Landlord Advice
Are people still moving out of cities or are they moving back?
12 Jul 22

Throughout the pandemic, there were many reports of both homeowners and renters moving out of cities to smaller towns and villages, to take advantage of the extra space and easy access to countryside that comes with more rural locations.

A year ago, a...

Local News
Government Pledges 233 Million Into Docklands Site
12 Jul 22

In a bid to bring London's iconic docklands site back to life, the government has pledged £233m of infrastructure funding, backing one of the UK's most significant regeneration projects.

Government public body, Homes England, will provide the £233m in...

Vendor Advice
How Long After Signing Contracts Do You Complete In The UK?
10 Jul 22

Once you reach the contract signing stage of the property buying process, you're on the home straight, and that's an exciting time. However, while most of the hard work has been done, there is still a little more to the exchange of contracts process ...

Property interiors that tenants love

Vendor Advice
Garden Design Trends 2022
5 Jul 22

The conditions of the pandemic brought about so many unexpected changes as we contemplated our way of living and resigned ourselves to being at home more.

It was tough, yet being confined to our home environments also created some healthy changes for ...

Vendor Advice
Considerations When Buying a Flat with a Short Lease
3 Jul 22

Properties for sale on short-term lease arrangements are becoming increasingly rare. Consequently, many buyers do not understand the implications of buying a short-lease property, sometimes not even being fully aware of it until far into the purchasi...

Vendor Advice
What is a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage?
1 Jul 22

A Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage (otherwise referred to as a JBSP mortgage) is a mortgage product that enables a family member (usually a parent) to contribute financially to a mortgage without assuming any ownership of the property.


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Vendor Advice
The Best Places to Live in London for Families: 2022 Data
25 Jun 22

With the UK now into the warm summer months, people are on the move, looking for more space, better commute times, gardens, and more.

Experts often discuss which London boroughs are ideal for commuters and investors, but many pockets throughout the c...

Vendor Advice
A Guide to Getting a Self-Employed Mortgage
21 Jun 22

Getting a standard mortgage as a full-time employee can be daunting enough if you're new to the process. If you are self-employed, you may be even more concerned about securing the mortgage you need.

There's actually no such thing as a 'self-employed...

Vendor Advice
Interest Rates Rise to 1.25% - What It Means For You
21 Jun 22

In a bid to bring inflation down, the Bank of England has made the anticipated decision to further increase interest rates by 0.25%, bringing the overall rate to 1.25%.

Interest rates are now at a 13-year high, with the increase from 1% to 1.25% has ...

Where to find the best rental yields in London

Landlord Advice
Renters Reform Bill and the changes on the way for the rental sector
17 Jun 22

The Government have finally published the Renters’ Reform white paper. The initial proposals have shifted from five main changes to a 12 point plan.

The Government has stated in the white paper there are some key objectives they would like to achieve ...

Landlord Advice
How to increase rent - the right way
8 Jun 22

If you haven’t increased your tenant’s rent recently, it might be worth considering. Some landlords choose not to increase their rents for existing tenants, even if they stay for some years. Oddly, this can actually cause problems for both the tenant...

Vendor Advice
What is Ground Rent?
8 Jun 22

The concept of paying any rent on an owned property is unfamiliar to many homeowners. Yet, England and Wales are the last developed countries in which you can buy a home, but not essentially 'own' it.

Typically, homeownership falls under a freehold s...

Stay Fire Safe This Christmas!

Our News
Where Should You Buy Along The Elizabeth Line?
23 May 22

After years of controversy and delays, the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) is officially set to open on 24th May. This rail route will pass through some of the Capital's most popular areas, such as Bond Street, Paddington, Tottenham Court Road, and Liverp...

Our News
Portico joins the Green Team
10 May 22

Portico is proud to announce that we are now producing all sales and lettings boards on fully recycled correx sheets.

Kiersty Sims, Group Marketing Director at Portico says, “Most of us are fully aware of the devastating effects that both climate chan...

Landlord Advice
Is buy-to-let still a good investment in 2022?
10 May 22

For many years, buy-to-let was widely seen as a great (and pretty easy) way to make money, while providing a much-needed roof over tenants’ heads.

However, the Government have made it clear they want to reduce the number of people renting, in favour o...

London Property Market Bulletin Winter 2015

Landlord Advice
Landlord tax updates for 2022 and 2023
10 May 22

Over the last decade or so, landlords have got very used to the Government announcing tax changes each year. Due to the general increase in rents, landlords are still seeing their investments perform well and thankfully the last two budget announceme...

Landlord Advice
Top tips for how to handle a vacant property
10 May 22

There can be times when a rental property is vacant. Whether this is short term between tenancies, or longer term such as planned renovations that are easier without a tenant in situ, the downside is that when a property is vacant it becomes a lot mo...

Vendor Advice
What Documents Do I Need To Sell My House In The UK?
3 May 22

Deciding to sell up and move is exciting. Once you’ve decided to sell, you probably just want to get on with it. But to be truly “sale ready” and avoid delays further down the line, you need to have your paperwork ready. So we’ve asked the property e...

Tenant's Top 5 Reasons for Rejecting a Property

Vendor Advice
London House Price Predictions For The Next 5 Years
26 Apr 22

It's fair to say that the London property market is overheated. Pandemic conditions sent the supply and demand divide even further out of whack. In addition, mass migrations caused tremendous turbulence and upward pressure on house prices as Brits sc...

Landlord Advice
The Biggest Landlord Fines Given Out This Year (And How To Avoid Them)
25 Apr 22

Over the last 15 years, there’s been a huge increase in the amount of legislation landlords have to comply with in order to let and manage a property legally. And with that, the number and level of different penalties that can be imposed on those who...

Our News
Best Places For Afternoon Tea In London
19 Apr 22

Did you know the United Kingdom is the third-largest consumer of tea in the world, behind Ireland and Turkey and more than 165,000,000 cups of tea are drunk in the UK every day? To celebrate our quintessential British tradition of drinking tea, Natio...

The secret to selling your house fast, for the best possible price

Vendor Advice
How Much Deposit Do I Need To Buy A House?
18 Apr 22

When buying a house with a mortgage, you'll need to put down some money upfront as a deposit. This lump sum is then subtracted from the total borrowing figure required to make the purchase - in other words, the bigger the deposit, the less you will n...

Vendor Advice
How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring
12 Apr 22

As we make our way out of winter hibernation, so too do our houses, and nothing feels quite so refreshing as a spring clean after the cold months have passed.

As winter fades and the flowers begin to blossom, it's a great time to carry out some home ...

Vendor Advice
Tips For Finding The Perfect Family Home
6 Apr 22

Family homes come in all shapes and sizes and, whether you are buying or renting is irrelevant to your list of wants and needs. As your family grows, your needs and priorities change meaning it’s hard to pin point exactly what you will want in years ...

Creating the illusion of light and space

Vendor Advice
Should I Put My Home Up For Sale Before Finding A New One?
6 Apr 22

“Do I need to put my house on the market before I start looking for a new one?” is something we get asked a lot. Like the chicken and egg situation, it can be difficult knowing where to begin when selling a property, so here are some tips to help thi...

Vendor Advice
Surveys Explained: A Guide To Different Survey Options
6 Apr 22

If you’re in the process of buying a new property, it's probably been recommended that you organise a survey for your new home. If you've not bought a property for a while (or ever!), this can be confusing as there are several survey options to choos...

Tenant Advice
How To Increase The Value Of Your Property
6 Apr 22

Through the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021, average property prices have been rising. Some indices, including Nationwide, are quoting double-digit increases, while others (e.g Hometrack) suggest a more muted rise of 5%.

It’s important ...

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