Buying at Auction

There’s a number of reasons to buy property at auction. From the speed and certianty of the timings, to the transparancy of the agreement. Portico's sister company First for Auctions specialisies in online property auctions. 

Unlike many traditional sales, buying at auction is efficient. Completion usually takes 4 weeks, so within a month you’ll have the keys in your hand.

Buying at auction is transparent – you can see bids in real time always knowing how much you may need to bid. The traditional route can be frustrating – you don’t know what other buyers have offered, and you can even be gazumped at the last minute.

Unlike traditional sales, buying at auction offers a high degree of certainty that contracts are exchanged on the auction day.

Follow First for Auctions 8-step process so you know exactly what to expect before you decide to buy at auction. Property made simple.


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