August Bank Holiday: What to do at home this weekend

August Bank Holiday: What to do at home this weekend
22nd August 2022

The August Bank Holiday weekend is fast approaching, and while for many it signals adventuring to events and such, for many, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time at home.

Here are a range of great ideas to help you make the most of the August Bank Holiday at home - whether you’re feeling social, want to get creative or productive, or have kids to entertain, there’s something here for everyone.

Throw a BBQ get-together

Beginning with one of the more obvious suggestions, if you feel like being social, invite your friends over for a BBQ and make it extra fun. You could start by BBQing and eating outside, perhaps play a game or two on the lawn, and if there are plenty of people or kids involved, consider creating a bit of a tournament.

You could combine lawn games with board games after dinner - charades, giant Pictionary, etc. and if there are a handful of kiddies, divide them into teams and set them the task of creating a skit or other performance - the possibilities are endless and fun for everyone. Make it memorable!

Catch up on repairs and DIY projects

Most people have an ever-increasing list of niggly repairs or DIY projects that need finishing, only to feel that normal two-day weekends don’t leave enough time or energy for it on top of relaxing after a busy week. Long weekends can be the perfect opportunity to knock a handful of oddjobs off the list.

Deep clean your home

If your home is in need of a thorough clean, then chances are that the state of the place is silently driving you mad - and even if it’s not, once you’ve got it spick and span you will notice the difference.

Break the workload up, and if there are lots of you under the one roof, consider writing them all down and drawing tasks out of a hat. Then, make it fun - order some pizza in, get the music cranking and give your home the deep clean you will be thankful for. 

Upcycle furniture

Upcycling furniture is all the rage these days, and a quick visit to pinterest can give you countless ideas and inspiration for transforming dreary, tired items of furniture and decor into creative, statement pieces.

With a nice, long weekend ahead of you, consider what items in your home are good candidates, make a list of the supplies you will need, then spend a few days transforming old to new. If you don’t have anything that you want to change, jump onto Facebook Marketplace and find a bargain or two to experiment with.

Get baking

If you’re one of those people who love to cook or bake but never feel that you have the time to enjoy it, then the long weekend could be the perfect opportunity. Whether you want to enjoy some alone time in the kitchen or get the whole family involved in cooking up a storm, again the possibilities are endless - international cuisines, cake decorating, baking - perhaps even make it competitive and hold some family taste testing, whatever feels the most fun.


For most people, a cluttered environment equals a cluttered mind. Often, we don’t even realise just how much clutter we are living in and how it affects us until we clear it all out, and breathe a sigh of relief as we sink happily into our wonderfully and refreshingly decluttered space. Decluttering can also be incredibly cathartic - a good clear out can be as good as a holiday.

Have a spa night

This is a great idea for singles, couples, friends or families - everyone loves to be pampered! Holding an at-home spa night may require a few provisions, but you may have most of what you need to hand anyway. Depending on who is getting in on the action, you can include bubble baths, facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. If there are enough people, everyone can take it in turns to do a different treatment on another in rotation. Add some relaxing music and candles and create a real spa atmosphere.

Rearrange your furniture

This might not sound like much of an idea off the bat, but depending on how perfectly you already have everything organised (and how much space you have to work with), rearranging furniture can breathe new life into your space.

In addition, it encourages a good clean out (and clean up) in the process, and you can jump onto Facebook Marketplace to look for new decor items to further transform your home. Get your interior design hat on - you can find endless ideas for inspiration on Pinterest.

Host a game night

Whether you invite your friends over or want to enjoy some quality time with your family, hosting a game night is a great way to have fun and create memories. You can incorporate whatever games you think would be most fun, and consider turning it into a tournament, even with a trophy that can be passed along as you take turns in hosting.

Invent your own board game

This can be a great way to do something fun, creative and original with your family. Get everyone involved in making the decisions regarding the rules, the design of the board and the pieces required, as well as the making of the game components - encourage the kids to get creative and bring out their artistic flair.

It can be helpful to start with a theme, such as a haunted house or perhaps from a movie such as Jurassic Park. Get their imagination and creativity flowing; once it’s finished and you get to play the game together it will be even more fun.


If you have a garden, getting outside needn’t mean leaving home. If you feel like being a homebody this Bank Holiday weekend but don’t want to lie around doing nothing, perhaps a spot of gardening is just what you need.

Depending on the current state of your garden, this could be a small or large job, but consider what you want to achieve and head to the local garden centre for supplies. Perhaps you want to create new flower beds, or a veggie or herb garden, whatever you will most enjoy once it’s done. Do be careful with physical activity outside in the heat though - drink plenty of fluids and wear sunscreen and a hat.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas and inspiration for enjoying your long weekend at home. Many of us are either out all week and/or working too hard to truly enjoy our homes or get much done. Whether you want the weekend to be productive, leisurely, or both, there are plenty of ideas here to make the most of the time and feel good about how you spend it.

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