How to make the most of small outdoor spaces this summer

How to make the most of small outdoor spaces this summer
21st July 2023

Small outdoor spaces offer the ideal opportunity to create inviting sanctuaries that enhance your living environment. While compact in size, these areas can be designed to feel like open and airy extensions of the home using a few clever tricks to maximise their potential. 

With some strategic decorating and the right furnishings, the smallest of balconies, patios or yards can be transformed into beautiful outdoor rooms for relaxing, dining and entertaining. Whether you’re transforming an existing space or moving into a property with a smaller garden, here are some tips to inspire you to maximise the space you have. 

Opt for flexible furniture 

For small outdoor spaces, flexible furniture is essential. Chairs, tables, modular loungers and stools that can be folded, stacked or rearranged allow you to adapt the space for different uses and accommodate varying numbers of people. This style of furniture gives you more versatility when people come over. 

Folding and stackable chairs are ideal space-savers, while modular lounge sets with movable chairs, stools, tables and loveseats allow you to create different arrangements tailored to your needs. With movable, space-efficient furniture, a small outdoor space can effortlessly transform to meet changing needs. By selecting pieces that fold, stack, nest and modularise, any area can be adapted to become a lounge, dining spot, sunbathing retreat or combination. Flexible furniture is key to creating a multifunctional small space.

Extend your living space with shaded spots

Shade is essential for making a small outdoor space a true extension of the home, and when it’s well designed, it can extend your living space to make a home feel larger. Shielding the area from sun and rain enables your outdoor space somewhere that can be enjoyed day and night for lounging, dining and entertaining. 

Permanent shade structures like pergolas with open sides provide reprieve from the sun and are a great way to improve your property and add value. A pergola suits a patio area while a gazebo works better in a corner space or by a garden path. For a versatile solution, you can also use patio umbrellas in freestanding or table bases. They can be removed or closed when the weather turns for flexibility. Alternatively, add a retractable awning that can be put away when no longer in need. By providing shade, a small space becomes a true multi-purpose room that can be enjoyed most of the year, and your garden or patio instantly feels larger. 

Include hidden storage solutions

In compact outdoor areas, it's important to utilise all available space in a discreet way. Hidden storage helps keep clutter and essential items out of sight but within easy reach. The space underneath benches, steps and large planters is ideal for stowing away equipment like gardening tools, hoses or sports gear, and it’s a renter-friendly way to add more storage space in a smaller property. Look for seating, steps or planters that are elevated off the ground to allow for storage underneath, or add a hinged lid or attach mesh netting to keep items hidden from view.

If the budget and space permits, built-in wall cabinets are great for more permanent storage solutions. Choose cabinets with doors that have a weather-resistant or outdoor-rated finish, and make sure they’re installed under cover or in a spot protected from the elements. Making the most of storage opportunities helps keep even the smallest of outdoor spaces clutter-free and inviting. Hidden or discreet storage solutions allow you to stow away essential gear and supplies without sacrificing space for relaxation and recreation. With everything neatly tucked away when not in use, a compact outdoor area feels open, airy and designed purely for enjoyment.

Go vertical with planting

Just because space is limited, it doesn’t mean you have to scrap plants altogether. Instead, incorporate greenery through vertical planting. Vertical planting introduces natural vibrancy without reducing the size of the usable area. It also enhances privacy, creates natural partitions and softens hard boundaries. Wall planters, railing planters, trellises and plant frames are all great options for vertical planting.

Grouping planters, pots and containers on a balcony railing or patio wall creates a vertical garden, and you can easily change and replace plants with the seasons. Arranging these planters at different heights adds visual interest. Vertical planting allows you to decorate monotonous walls and boundaries with vibrant nature. You can create an outdoor space oozing with greenery, colour and style without it feeling crowded. With the right planting options for your needs, vertical gardens transform any compact balcony or patio into an urban oasis.

Choose neutral colours

To prevent a small outdoor space from feeling cramped, keep colours and patterns minimal. A restrained palette of muted, natural tones helps create a sense of openness and tranquility. Avoid brightly coloured furnishings and busy prints which can make a compact area appear cluttered and chaotic. 

Neutral, earthy colours as the base palette for a small outdoor space, such as shades of grey, cream, beige and light brown, work well for large surfaces like walls, flooring, fencing and storage units. These muted backgrounds provide a neutral canvas to build upon. You can then add touches of muted green with foliage for a natural accent. Pops of colour can still be used, but they should be understated so as to make the area feel spacious. Crafting an outdoor space with minimal colours and patterns helps create a soothing retreat.

Small outdoor spaces have the potential to become beautiful sanctuaries that enhance your living environment. Whether it’s choosing space-efficient yet flexible furniture that can be rearranged or folded away, discreet storage solutions to hide clutter from view or shade structures that transform an outdoor space, a small space can still be well designed. Making the most of small outdoor spaces comes down to keeping things simple but purposeful!

This article was written by guest blogger, Annie Button.

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