Nailing Sustainable DIY: Tips and Resources

Nailing Sustainable DIY: Tips and Resources
13th September 2023

Sustainable DIY is gaining popularity as individuals seek more eco-friendly and conscious ways to create and decorate. Embracing sustainable DIY practices in the UK allows you to reduce waste, minimise your carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener future. In this article, we'll provide valuable tips and recommend websites where you can find more information on how to successfully nail sustainable DIY projects.

1. Start with a Plan: Before diving into any DIY project, plan it out thoroughly. Assess the materials and tools you'll need to ensure they align with sustainable principles. Consider repurposing or upcycling items you already have before purchasing new materials.

2. Upcycling Old Furniture: Upcycling old furniture is a fantastic way to add a unique touch to your home while keeping waste out of landfills. Sand and repaint or refinish old pieces to give them a fresh look. Explore local thrift stores, flea markets, and charity shops for hidden gems waiting to be transformed.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Materials: Opt for sustainable and eco-friendly materials in your DIY projects. Look for FSC-certified wood, water-based paints, and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) adhesives and finishes. These choices minimise harmful emissions and environmental impact.

4. Get Creative with Repurposing: Embrace your creativity by repurposing items for different uses. For example, transform glass jars into charming candle holders, or turn wine corks into stylish coasters. The possibilities are endless!

5. Eco-Conscious Craft Supplies: When purchasing craft supplies, choose those that are eco-conscious and made from sustainable materials. Look for recycled paper, eco-friendly glues, and natural dyes for crafting.

6. DIY Natural Cleaning Products: Sustainable DIY extends beyond decor. Create your own natural cleaning products using ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. They're effective, eco-friendly, and gentle on your home and the environment.

7. Learn New Skills: Embrace sustainable DIY as an opportunity to learn new skills. Attend workshops, watch online tutorials, or join local crafting groups to hone your techniques and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals.

8. Repair and Restore: Instead of discarding broken or damaged items, consider repairing and restoring them. Whether it's a tear in your favourite clothing or a chipped piece of furniture, mastering basic repair skills can save money and reduce waste.

9. DIY Gift-Giving: For special occasions, create thoughtful DIY gifts for loved ones. Handmade gifts hold sentimental value and often have a smaller environmental footprint than store-bought items.

10. Document Your Journey: Documenting your sustainable DIY journey can inspire others to follow suit. Share your projects and ideas on social media or start a blog to showcase your creativity and commitment to sustainability.

Useful Resources for Sustainable DIY in the UK

1. Bosch ( offers inspiring ideas for DIY projects transforming old furniture into stylish and sustainable pieces.

2. The Spruce Crafts ( offers creative ideas for repurposing common household items into functional and decorative pieces.

3. Paper High ( offers a selection of sustainable and fair-trade craft supplies, including handmade paper and eco-friendly dyes.

4. Craft Courses ( offers a wide range of sustainable crafting workshops and courses across the UK.

5. iFixit ( provides repair guides and resources to help you fix a wide range of items, from electronics to clothing.

6. The Natural Gift Company ( offers a selection of sustainable and eco-friendly gift ideas for DIY inspiration.

Sustainable DIY in the UK empowers you to express your creativity while making conscious choices to protect the planet. By planning your projects carefully, using eco-friendly materials, and learning new skills, you can nail sustainable DIY and inspire others to do the same. Remember, every sustainable choice helps.

This blog was written by Green The UK, our partner for conservation and restoration projects.

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