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10 Tips For Packing To Move House

October 18, 2021

Moving house can be a stressful experience as most home movers would agree. To help you out, we have put together our top ten most helpful tips below on how make moving to your next home as hassle-free as possible.

1. Declutter

Before you start packing, it’s time to de-clutter your home. Get rid of broken bits of furniture or put them on recycling sites like Freecycle or Ebay. Go through your wardrobe and get out all those unused Christmas presents from under your bed and make a pile for the local charity shop. Go into your new home a hoarder no longer!

2. Make a check list

Before you get going on packing, make a list of the things you’ll need to do before, during and after you move. This way you won’t be caught short if a job gets overlooked in the planning process. Also, make sure you’ve changed all your bills to the new address – see which bills you should remember to change in our moving house blog.

3. Removals

Make sure you book Removals and Storage Experts with enough time to spare as they can get booked up early. It’s important you get a big enough van – most firms are good at helping you work it out if you know roughly how many boxes you have and the sizes of the furniture. Also, consider whether you’ll need a ‘van and a man’ for the manpower when carrying.

4. Time it right

When it comes to planning the day of the move, allow yourself extra time for every task. It’s better to have too much time than too little and there will be loads of little jobs to do to fill the time on the day, but if you don’t plan enough time, it’ll not only knock the rest of your plans out but will also leave you flustered.

5. Pack an ‘essentials’ box

Separate some essential items you’ll need on move-in day, such as spare labels, a sharpie and scissors for last minute packing changes. For when you get to the other side, have some cleaning wipes, toilet roll, teabags and mugs to hand too, to save you having to sift through your boxes or run to the supermarket!

6. Label up!

Label your boxes by room and summarise on the label or box with a sharpie what’s in the box so you can get to your essentials easier when you get to the other side without having to unpack everything.

7. Measure doorways

Make sure you measure your furniture and the doors to check you can get it out whole. Many people forget to do this and don’t have the tools to hand to deconstruct it come move in day! So measure it and take down your furniture before the big move.

8. What's the plan for pets and little people?

It may make moving day easier if you plan for your children and pets to be safely out of the way with friends or family members. This will mean you can get through your tasks efficiently, stick to time frames and you have that all important space in the car for extra boxes!

9. Plan for paperwork

When moving home, you will need to contact all your service providers in advance and advise them you are moving address. This includes gas, electricity, water, broadband and TV and your Council. Provide a forwarding address for correspondence and final bills and make sure to take final electricity and gas readings the day you move and turn off the heating and water!

10. Don’t move anytime soon!

Once you’re in, you’re in and if you’re anything like us, you won’t want to move anytime soon! Unpack then sit back and enjoy your new home!

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