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8 space saving tips for small homes

August 13, 2018

Living in London, you can sometimes find yourself with a lack of space and an influx of ‘stuff’. But worry not, we’ve got eight handy tricks to help you fit the furniture you need in the home you’ve got and to help you store your stuff away so neatly you’ll convince your friends that you’ve turned over a tidy new leaf! Read on to explore our tips.

1. Storage

Utilise everyday items, such as ottomans, coffee tables with closed inside space or even a bed with inbuilt storage to stow away everyday items so you rooms remain clutter-free and clean. Using your furniture for multi-use will not only save you tonnes of space, it’ll save you a penny or two on furniture!

2. Eating Areas

Why not invest in a drop-leaf table instead of a full sized dining table to save space in your dining area. Or buy stools to pull out for guests which hold your lamp or plants at other times. If you’re just catering for yourself, add in a breakfast bar instead of investing in a dining table at all. This way, you’ll save yourself tonnes of space you can use for the rest of your furniture!

3. Inside the wardrobe

You don’t need to just use the shelves in your wardrobes – you can also add rails or screws in the back of your wardrobe doors to hold jewellery, scarves or shoes. This way they’ll be in order (not knotted in a drawer somewhere) but out of sight, out of mind.

4. Shelves

Swap clunky bookshelves for floating shelves and closed kitchen cabinets for open shelves to give the perception of more space. Not only will your room look larger, you’ll actually use the things on your shelves instead of burying them in a corner of a cupboard and not using them again until you find them five years later by accident!

5. Decorate right

When it comes to flooring, swap the carpet for laminate to give the illusion of size. Remove your doors for a more open feel and add curtains or room dividers to break up spaces instead of walls. When it comes to painting the walls, use high borders and don’t paint all your walls one colour – break it up with wide borders or feature walls to stop the room feeling smaller than it is.

Invest in a statement mirror in the bedroom and lounge to give the perception of more light and space. You can prop it up against a wall or hang it opposite a window in order to maximise the light to the rest of the room from it.

6. Store savvy

Vacuum bags are a life saver in a small property. Whether you’re storing your holiday wardrobe or your woolly jumpers in the height of summer, these nifty bags allow you to store your clothes away easily and don’t take up loads of space.

7. Baskets

Invest in some baskets which match your colour scheme and fit easily into your decor to be able to store away things in a tidy but still accessible way. A lifesaver for stopping clutter developing, these also pull together the theme of your room and don’t look unsightly in well-used rooms.

8. Clear out

If you've lived in your property for quite a while, chances are that you've accumulated lots of 'stuff'. Use a company like AnyJunk to help get rid of your bits and recycle them for you (get 10% off if you book through our partnership link) - whether it's furniture, junk or just odd bits and bobs, get it out of your home in one easy go. You'll suddenly find some corners you'd forgotten you had!

Have a go at some of our space saving tips to help increase the space and feel of your home. Really out of space and looking for your next home? Explore properties for sale on Portico in London and properties for rent in London.

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