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How Should Tenants Make & Polish The Renter Profile Resume

March 5, 2020

At Portico, we know that renting a property can be as challenging as landing the perfect job. The application process requires perseverance and preparation. 

To ease it, use a renters’ resume which will help you to stand out as a suitable tenant as it highlights your qualifications and properties. It is quite similar to a work CV and will show your future landlord or property manager how serious and professional you are towards renting. 

Why Do You Need a Renter Resume

The resume gives you the opportunity to catch a landlord’s attention with a polished exposé of your housing expectations, renting experience and reference letters. 

With such a document, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the pool of applicants and let the landlords know that you are the perfect choice for the lease. It is quite competitive and difficult to get your dream home, especially in a big city. With a strong renter resume, tenants can save time, worries and ensure the whole process runs smoothly.  

Renters Resume Fundamentals

The perfect resume needs to include an objective statement which is simple and easy to read. To secure your new residence, professional resume builders EnhanCV suggest you should write down the following:

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Contact information (phone and email)

  • Current work occupation and income

  • Previous accommodation

  • Reference list from previous landlords or property managers

  • Pet information

  • Current address

Resume Objective Statement

Just like a job application, a well-written renter resume bio includes a short statement about what your goals are when you’re in search for a new spot. It gives landlords and property managers an idea of who you are as a renter. Add to your bio what are your preferences for the new residence and why you are a qualified tenant.

Include in your resume: 

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you prefer? 

  • What is your budget? 

  • In which neighbourhood do you wish the property to be? 

  • Do you need it to be close to your work or schools and kindergartens? 

  • Smoking policy? 

Be sure to add how long you plan to rent. Complete your rental goals with personal background, which includes spouses, children, pets, current employment and/or roommates. 


I am from Manchester but have been living in London for the past 6 years. I’m an IT engineer at a renowned London company, where I’ve been employed for the last three years. When I’m not at work, I enjoy long walks in Hyde Park with my family. As a father of two, I’m looking for an affordable, three-bedroom flat in a safe and quiet neighbourhood. I’m a responsible, hardworking tenant and would love to find a place to live in for a long period of time.”

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Landlords or property managers use proclamations to judge if you’re a suitable tenant for the lease. It is key to get your personality and private life across. Put yourself in the landlord’s shoes, be honest in your bio and leave no room for unpleasant surprises!

List Previous Accommodations

Make sure to include your previous residence, when you occupied it, how much the rent was and the reason you left


  • Vickery's Wharf 87 Stainsby Road, London

  • April 2015 - February 2019

  • Rent: £1350

  • Reason for leaving: moved in with significant other 

To make a good impression on your future landlord include before and after photos of your last flat or house. This way you will easily show proof that you will maintain the property and even upgrade it if needed.

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Past and Current Work Occupation

Add to your objective statement a detailed explanation of your career status. Include your job position, company and since when you are employed there. List previous jobs and reasons for leaving. What’s important for landlords to know is if you’re reliable to pay rent in a timely manner. Often when tenants apply for a new home, the landlord does a background check. If you have debt history, it is better to mention it to him/her. 

Another tip is to include contact information of your current employer, in case your landlord or property manager decides to verify the information given.


When you are house hunting you’ll need to provide references either from your employer or your previous landlord. To upkeep a library of reference letters with contacts with people does vouch for trust and respect. Present 2-3 references to put in a good word for your chance of getting your dream place will rise. This list can also include previous roommates. Be sure to add their name, relation to you, their address, and phone number.

Be Truthful 

You’re troubled that you don’t have a clean background? Stop stressing out as everyone has ups and downs in their life. Don’t be discouraged during the application process. Simply be honest!

Try not to oversell yourself and be authentic. Use references to ensure your future landlord that you are a qualified candidate. This way you will avoid pleading your case via an objective statement. If you don’t have a clean background, don’t stress. Advertise yourself on your Renter Resume by using sentences like: “Here are some reasons why I am a good candidate even though I might not seem like it on record.”

Inform about past experiences that may stain your application up-front. For example, if you were evicted because of a roommate, that couldn’t pay rent on time, be sure to mention that. You will make a good impression when you share this type of information in full-disclosure. Your chances to get the perfect place increase significantly when you explain your situation and how you got into it.

Who you are as a person plays a great role in rent applications. Landlords and property managers appreciate honesty above all and often give chances to people even when their record isn’t squeaky clean. 

Additional Paperwork

At the bottom of your Renter Resume, include a small statement to let landlords and property managers know you will provide any additional documents if needed. A simple “Additional Documents Available Upon Request” should suffice. You should be able to provide proof of employment and financial status as well as letters of recommendation. 

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