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Interior Trends for 2021

January 14, 2021

After a year that had most rethink their way of life, interior trends are certainly echoing a shift in needs and priorities into 2021. For many in the UK and beyond, this coming year appears to be shaping up to be much like the last - hunkering down for both hard work and relaxing at home in a space that needs to be calming and flexible.

So for those thinking of decorating their new home in line with the latest trends, for landlords wanting to know what’s ‘current’ and appealing to renters, or for those selling and wanting to know what interiors are attractive and selling at a premium - read on. Here are some of the top interior trends that you can expect to see in 2021.

Smart homes

Home smart tech is a trend that has been emerging in recent years, but Covid-19 has seen the desire to smarten up our homes tech-wise really accelerate. Voice and sensor controlled lights and taps are increasing in popularity, and no-touch tech is fast becoming a boom industry.

With so much more time at home and our attention firmly fixed on contactless everything, many are opting for renovations that focus on smart technologies for their homes. Many homes now feature automated household items, smart lighting, keyless entry, remote security systems and much more.

Better still, as well as offering convenience, smart tech can increase your property value, too. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has previously stated that making energy-saving improvements to your property could increase its value by an average of 14%, and up to 38% in some parts of England. And research has reiterated this, stating that an average spend of £179 on making your home 'smart' can add up to £16,000 to its value.

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Home health

Due to the pandemic, those of us who prioritise our health and fitness have had to think outside the box amidst the lockdowns and find new and improved ways to incorporate exercise into our lives at home.

Experts are predicting that this continuing trend will see people looking to find innovative ways to seamlessly incorporate exercise equipment into their interiors. People are also on the hunt for stain-resistant, anti-odour or waterproof designs as they consider utilising multi-functional spaces for working out.

Multi-functional space

The pandemic has forced many of us to find more harmonious ways to use our home spaces for a multitude of endeavours - cooking, working, exercising, relaxing, etc. So it’s no surprise that hybrid furniture has been trending and will continue to do so as people rethink the efficiency of their space like never before.

According to James Harland of Wallbed, the biggest trend they saw since lockdown began was for desk beds - a bed that folds over a desk. With many offices set to remain closed until June at the least, many spare rooms and bedrooms are doubling up as offices and so the demand for flexible-use furniture is here to stay for some time. This is an important consideration for landlords to make when reviewing the rentability of their properties.

Many tenants are fleeing London as work-from-home conditions increase their flexibility, but for those that are staying put, they are looking for efficient use of space and quality of living through the lockdown.

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Home office focus

With everyone working from home, it’s no wonder that home offices have benefited from a great deal more attention. A laptop atop a pile of junk mail in the corner of the kitchen will no longer suffice, and setting work up at home deserves some attention to detail.

Spare room conversions or simply making a study space more aesthetically pleasing and workable is a top trend with no end in sight. Whether it be lighting and artwork or a complete redesign to incorporate furniture that ideally suits the space, the Covid era of working from home has well and truly brought the home study space into the limelight.

This is another key factor for landlords to consider, too. Incorporating a home office space into a rental, even if it’s just a corner nook that has been thoughtfully set out for purposeful work-from-home use will surely attract more interest.

Outside space

While it seems a little prematurely optimistic, trending search terms have recently become that of outdoor entertainment themes, with hot tubs, fire pits and outdoor kitchens topping the list. It seems that people are determined to find ways to enjoy their home spaces right now, while simultaneously preparing for when we are allowed to host a happy gathering once more.

Again, we see the pressures of lockdowns and working from home resulting in a greater need for enjoyable home spaces. Unable to escape the confines of our homes, it has become a top priority to find ways to increase not only functional home comforts, but to facilitate whatever sense of escape that we can. We might not be able to leave our homes, but we still need to get outside.

Just as our interior designs have trended towards multi-functionality, so too have our gardens.

Garden buildings and swimming pools are at one end of the spectrum, with balcony gardens and enhanced outdoor sitting areas being given a new lease on life at the other. And again, it has to be said that taking the time to enhance the attractiveness and usability of any available outdoor space must surely improve a property’s rentability and saleability now more than ever.

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

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Interior decoration trends

As far as interior decoration trends go for 2021, there is certainly an emphasis on sustainable elements as well as elegance, a celebration of uniqueness and a distinct focus on escapism via themes from far away lands. Here are some of the top trends to expect.


This style started off as something quite simplistic but is now often mixed with touches of luxury to create a glamorous yet traditional style. Much needed comfort and nostalgia, but with a hint of British quirk.annie sloan   living room   chalk paint in svenska blue with floral decoupage, antoinette linen union sofa cover

Image via House Beautiful

7 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

High Road, Chigwell, IG7

£1,500,000 (Freehold)

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Grounded, earthy shades

With colours of the year announced as Brave Ground from Dulux and Urbane Bronze from Sherwin Williams, it’s no surprise that a trending theme is comforting, grounding and natural tones complemented by stylish yet simplistic furniture pieces. Warm hues and joyful bursts of colour are also top trends as we move into 2021 and it’s no surprise why. After the year we have endured, we could all use a little extra joy, and warm colours like peacock blues and burnt oranges feel welcoming, playful and cosy. This trend is on point for anyone missing the escape of their annual holidays and needing a little global inspiration. Tropical leaves, lemon hues and florals offer a relaxing living space inspired by distant shores that can take your mind away for a much needed tropical recharge.

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Home staging

A tech trend that falls under the banner of interior design and is well worth a mention is that of Home-Staging. As offered within our new Sales Package, ‘Home Staging’ is an interior styling service that uses Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to ensure that your property is presented to attract maximum interest. Using this technology, prospective buyers can use these images to imagine how the property might look if they were to move in. So, if you’re considering what’s trending for the purposes of selling your property, this is well worth your consideration.

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Hopefully, this year will begin to present renewed freedoms as we take our power back from the pandemic. But, until that tipping point emerges, we are still very much focusing on ways to turn our homes into flexible, efficient spaces that can simultaneously feel like restorative escapes.

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