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Ofsted Outstanding Primary Schools: Complete List and House Price Guide 2019

September 7, 2019

If you’re a parent with young children, it’s likely you keep a close eye on the Ofsted ratings. Schools rated as ‘outstanding’, the highest Ofsted grade, are highly sought after, and homes near these top-rated schools usually come at a premium.

And our latest research has revealed exactly how much that premium is. We have been busy analysing Ofsted data* to put a price on education, revealing the average cost of living in an ‘outstanding’ school zone in each London borough.

For London parents wondering, “Where are the outstanding primary schools near me?” we’ve also put together a full list of London’s 342 ‘outstanding’ state-funded primary schools, together with the address and the average property price of living near each of those top-rated schools.

The number of outstanding primary schools per London borough

There are 162 ‘outstanding’, state-funded primary schools within 5 miles of central London**, meaning the capital has the highest number of outstanding primary schools out of all the regions in the UK.

The following table reveals the number of ‘outstanding’ state-funded primary schools per London borough, plus the average cost of buying a property near an ‘outstanding’ school in the area.

Borough of London No of Outstanding Schools Average Property Price
Brent 1 £449,695
Camden 15 £842,236
City of London 1 £873,894
Hackney 19 £562,739
Hammersmith and Fulham 15 £670,441
Haringey 2  £488,315
Islington 13 £623,203
Kensington and Chelsea 16  £1,376,137
Lambeth 21 £525,242
Lewisham 3 £393,143
Southwark 21 £528,881
Tower Hamlets 18 £550,321
Wandsworth 6 £589,572
Westminster 11  £1,300,338

As you can see from the table, the north-London borough of Barnet came out top of the class with the most outstanding, state-funded primaries at 24. The south-London borough of Lambeth ranked second with 22 outstanding primaries, Richmond upon Thames was third with 20, Wandsworth and Hackney were joint fourth with 17, and Lewisham was fifth with 16.

The boroughs with the least number of outstanding primary schools were Barking and Dagenham and Bexley, though both areas still have 3 top-rated schools to choose from.

Out of all 32 London boroughs, east London’s Barking and Dagenham offers the best value for money if parents were looking to buy close to the borough’s ‘outstanding’ schools. Here, parents can expect to pay an average of £307,463 to live near one of the area’s three ‘outstanding’ primary schools – which is less than half the average London property price of £618,587.

On the other end of the scale, Kensington and Chelsea ranks as the most expensive borough when it comes to average property prices surrounding the area’s top schools. There are 14 ‘outstanding’ primaries in the royal borough, but to live in the vicinity of one of these schools will set parents back an average of £1,739,268.

The complete list of all 342 outstanding primary schools in London – with average property prices surrounding each school

We have analysed the property prices surrounding all 342 outstanding primary schools in London, to find out which specific school areas are most affordable and which are the most expensive.

 Cheapest school catchments

As you can see from the table, Hounslow in Greater London offers the best value school in the whole of the capital. The average property price surrounding Hounslow’s ‘outstanding’ Edward Pauling Primary School, located on Redford Close, Feltham, is just £233,615. Living in the immediate area of nearby Beavers Community Primary School in Hounslow was only slightly more expensive, with an average price-tag of £247,571.

Following this, Bexley, Greenwich, and Ealing have the third, fourth and fifth most affordable areas near outstanding primary schools.

Bexley’s St Stephen's Catholic Primary School zone in Welling has an average property price of £269,453; to live in the nearby area of Greenwich’s Cardwell Primary School in Woolwich will cost parents an average of £276,786; and the area around Gifford Primary School in Ealing stands only fractionally higher at an average of £277,079.

When it comes to the most expensive, Westminster’s St Peters Eaton Square Corn Primary School on Lower Belgrave Street came out on top. To live in the nearby area of this school would cost an average of £3,184,794. Kensington and Chelsea’s Christ Church CofE Primary School on Robinson Street in Chelsea was second, with an average property price of £2,589,755, and Camden’s Primrose Hill School on Princess Road in Primrose Hill was third, which property prices surrounding the school standing at an average of £2,573,738.

Wait, so living near an outstanding school is affordable?

Yes! Though there is a definite link between top schools and higher house prices, our research shows that the price you can pay to live near an ‘outstanding’ school can vary widely across London boroughs.

Interestingly, the price divide between different ‘outstanding’ local areas within boroughs is also extensive. For example, Primrose Hill School in Camden has the third most expensive local property prices (£2,573,738) out of London’s 342 ‘outstanding’ school zones, but Kingsgate Primary School located in the same borough but in Kilburn is a staggering 77% cheaper, with a much lower average property price of £578,896.

Nevertheless, parents will pay a £75k premium to live near an outstanding school

According to our research, the average property price of a London home in the neighbouring area of an ‘outstanding’ state-funded primary school costs £693,849. Compared to the average London property price of £618,587, this means parents will pay a premium of £75,262 to give their kids the best start in life.

Living near a state-funded primary school with an Ofsted ‘needs improvement’ rating costs even less. The average property price near a school that ‘needs improvement’ costs £540,638 – which is over 22% cheaper, or over £150,000, less than an ‘outstanding’ school area.

Get in touch if you’re looking to buy near London’s outstanding schools

We hope our research will help the parents who are looking to move to an ‘affordable’ area near a top-rated school see what options are available to them.

If you are looking to buy near outstanding schools, we have a huge range of family-friendly properties available in each London borough. Give us a call on 0207 099 4000 to find out more. In this blog we've discussed London's state schools, but here's a good resource on the !best private schools in London

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Notes on our research

*We have used the latest Ofsted data from 31st March 2019. The data can be found here.

The data analysed presents point-in-time data correct as of 20/09/19. Providers (schools) may have been re-inspected since the data was last updated. Check the provider report page for the latest inspection grade.

**We have focused on Local authority maintained, state-funded primary schools in London under the Ofsted provision type of “Voluntary Aided School” and “Community School.” We have not included Academy Sponsor schools, Academy Converter schools, Foundation and Free schools. City of London has also been omitted as there is only 1 Outstanding school in the borough: Sir John Cass's Foundation Primary School.

To find the average house prices surrounding the schools, we have used Rightmove data (correct as of 12/09/19) to find the average property price within 1/4-mile zone of each ‘outstanding’ school, using properties sold within the last year.

The borough Bromely is not featured in Portico's data as the agents have focused on local authority maintained, state-funded primary schools in London under the Ofsted provision type of “Voluntary Aided School” and “Community School.”

Bromley has 20 'Outstanding' state-funded primaries, however they fall under the category type of Academy Sponsor schools, Academy Converter schools, and Free schools.

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