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April 24, 2018

25% off initial consultation

So, an osteopath is all about your back, right? Wrong!

It’s a Friday afternoon and as I leave Fulham Osteopaths, I’m in awe of Melinda, my osteopath for today, who has uncovered every little instability in my body, in order to help me understand my body’s strengths and weaknesses.


Going to see an osteopath has never been something I’d considered, having never had problems with my back (a preconception we have about the need for osteopathy). But, as someone who sits at a desk from 9-5 every week day, is constantly on my mobile phone and having broken a few bones in my time, I think it’s important to have a ‘body MOT’ and that’s exactly why I came to see Melinda.

Melinda is a long-time Fulham resident, who set up the practise here with her husband 30 years ago. She told me,

"I founded FO when I graduated. I wanted to create an environment which offered excellent care to patients but also a place when osteopaths can learn together and support each other's development. We have a fantastic team that enjoy looking after our patients and developing as osteopaths."

Located on the high street, this is a bustling part of town, with great community spirit and a relaxed, easy air about the area. Melinda loves Fulham and being part of the local community. She says,

"I love that Fulham is small enough that I'm always bumping into friends and patients. Fulham is a very friendly place with a small village feel. For me, my work allows me to weave a strand of the community fabric."

Getting down to business, Melinda starts my ‘body MOT’ by assessing my posture, my flexibility and having a little look at how easily my joints move, before accurately identifying bits of my body where I’ve had issues in the past. Without realising it, we overcompensate our body’s weaknesses, and as a keen runner, I’ve put more than an average amount of stress on my joints, sometimes unequally, due to the overcompensation.

As the session progresses, Melinda works her magic on loosening my joints with stretches and movements, offering me tips to improve my posture, both at the desk and in the way I stand day-to-day, to remove stress from my joints and to stop my body from falling into bad long-term habits.

She tells me how she loves her job as she loves 'problem solving'!

"The body has an incredible ability to repair and adapt, so if I have a patient who isn't getting better, my natural inquisitiveness kicks in! I'm constantly making my own 'discoveries' about how the body works. my work evolves and develops every day. We say we practice osteopathy and this is exactly what I do - my patients keep me constantly learning and that's why I love my job!"


It’s an insightful session and something I’d recommend to everyone. Looking after ourselves is sometimes something which comes at the bottom of our to-do list, so it’s important to stop and get a check up every now and again to stretch out, correct bad habits and potentially hinder future issues arising.

As Melinda says, "The aim of osteopathy is to help someone cast aside aches and pains, to help them build resilience and the help them feel great and strong in their body despite the stresses and strains of life!"

If you’re in the Fulham area, why not visit Melinda and the Fulham Osteopath team and recieve 25% off your initial consultation if you have a Portico card.

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Fulham Osteopaths

769 Fulham Road
Parsons Green (232m)

25% off initial consultation at Fulham Osteopaths

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