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Which area of London has the highest rental yield?

Over the past 5 years, all 32 London boroughs (and particularly those in central London) have experienced substantial property price growth, fuelled by a combination of record levels of overseas investment and historically low interest rates.

Whilst it is true that the recent reduction in the availability of interest-only mortgages and increases in stamp duty for the most expensive properties may mean that this trend will not be sustained indefinitely, it is certainly the case that, at the moment at least, central London property prices are at an all time high.

However, while property prices have increased substantially, rental prices have broadly continued to track earnings growth. As a result, rental prices have not increased at the same rate as property prices and yields have steadily declined in central areas for at least the past five years that we have been tracking them.

Rental yields show substantial local variation

Whilst researching the subject for a seminar that we hosted in conjunction with the National Landlord’s Association, we discovered that the picture is slightly more complicated than we first expected. If you missed the seminar why not view our two minute Rental Yield Video.

Within boroughs, we discovered that there are certain postcodes that consistently perform substantially better than others. These localised hotspots are necessarily areas which are more attractive to renters than they are to potential purchasers. Anecdotally, we have found that ex-local authority properties with good public transport links often fall into this category. However what is even more interesting are the subtle differences between postcodes and even streets, so we developed a unique street level view of yields which updates with live data, to help landlords with their search for further investments.

If there is an area you want to investigate further then get in touch with one of our 15 estate agent offices who will be able to take you through our Buy-To-Let investment opportunities. Our estate agents are based throughout London in Battersea, Bloomsbury, Camden, Chigwell, Forest Gate, Fulham, Hammersmith, Dulwich, Clapham, Highbury, Islington, Woodford, Walthamstow, Ilford and Leyton.

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On a daily basis, we analyse property prices from several hundred estate agents in London. We combine this instantaneous picture with data collected over the past 3 months and compare this against own internal company data, so that we have enough data to be able to make statistically reliable assessments of the median sale price against the median rental price for several different types of property.

We have approximately zones 1 - 6 covered in London, and we are slowly working our way out towards the M25. Where we don't have enough data to make a meaningful assessment, the map is blank. This doesn't happen often, but there are areas in the City (e.g. EC1 and EC2) where residential transaction volumes are particularly low and as a result where we can't produce a meaningful rental yield.

We have published our research here and update the data throughout the night, providing a real-time street-level rental yield map.

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3 October 2016
London is the hottest town for the commercial and residential purpose. The demography showing student accommodation demands increasing. For that purpose South London will most suitable. Student prefers rental apartment and South London is mostly fit fo rental accommodation.
Alessandro Knach
25 April 2017
Figures in the map are net or gross Many thanks
Emma Williams
11 August 2017
Hi Alessandro - the figures are gross. Thanks!
Damian Galvin
2 March 2020
Helpful masterclass on yield, thank you. I actually wrote a blog post on this using a different approach for the lifestyle blog of our property site in Bucharest. Effectively, 6% is the normal gross yield & when seeking more, you end up with long voids.
Rajesh dhakar
12 May 2022

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