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Dulwich is located in south east London, in the borough of Southwark and is often compared to living in the English countryside. This is partly because it’s home to large green spaces, independent shops and restaurants and it’s in close proximity to central London. It’s no wonder Dulwich is a hotspot for families and young working professionals alike.

Dulwich Park is a hugely popular attraction of this location. With plenty of amenities available including sporting activities such as tennis and cricket, a quaint cafe situated right by the lake as well as bicycle and boat hire. Dulwich also has a great educational offering along with museums and a picturehouse, all of which contribute to an excellent sense of community with residents.

The history of Dulwich can be traced all the way back to 967 AD and has had many different names including Dilwihs, Dylways and Dullag. The unique countryside feel of Dulwich today was due to the Dulwich Estate governing the area for 400 years and preserving it from being overdeveloped. Edward Allyn’s ethos of supporting the elderly and educating the young back in 1605 has certainly been carried throughout the centuries as Dulwich is famous for its excellent schools.

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