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Forest Gate resides in the borough of Newham. Bordering Manor Park to the east and Stratford town centre in the west, it’s only 1.5 miles to the 2012 Olympic Park. Forest Gate is a truly multicultural diverse area and has become a highly-sought after place to live with the variety of properties available and transport links. With the City just short of 6 miles away, Forest Gate offers great transit connections to major business districts, restaurants and schools.

Wanstead Flats is a hugely popular attraction providing large open grassland which is perfect for playing sports, picnics and simply enjoying nature. It’s also home to the Jubilee Pond which was onced used for sailing model boats. Wanstead Flats is also a retreat for bird watchers as it’s known for regular sightings on pipits and skylarks.

It’s hard to imagine Forest Gate being anything other than a bustling inner London borough, but its origins lie in the early Victorian times. What is now Woodford Road, was once a small clump of houses around a barrier to Epping Forest. The barrier was a gate designed to stop the cattle from the forest from straying onto the main road to Romford. It wasn’t until the 1870s the area to the south of Wanstead Flats became a vibrant London suburb.

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