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Bloomsbury is a small residential area in the heart of central London. Situated in the thriving borough of Camden, the area is a cultural hotspot for book lovers, intellectuals and art fanatics. Although it’s only a small district, Bloomsbury is packed with impressive architecture and leafy squares. It’s home to some of the City’s greatest museums and universities, and proves to be a popular destination for academics, lawyers and doctors alike.

It provides the perfect mix of historic character in a quiet, village-like location. Residents bask in the views of magnificent Victorian terrace houses, gorgeous Georgian townhouses and stunning Edwardian mansion blocks as well as spectacular modern apartments. You can never be stuck for things to do in this established area because within walking distance, not only will you find world-famous museums, you’ll find an oasis of shopping centres and restaurants including independent shops and cafes.

At the start of the 20th century, Bloomsbury became the home to some of the world's famous literary greats including Virginia Woolf, TS Eliot and Charles Dickens. It was these literary greats where the publishing house, the Bloomsbury Group, takes its name. The combination of majestic architecture and quaint individual nature, the appeal of living in Bloomsbury still continues to this day.

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